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By Cathy J | El nuevo internet | 18 Aug 2021


✔️ Join Blockster

Blockster is the only fully-featured social network dedicated to the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, powered by the BXR token




  • Create your own profile
  • Connect to like-minded people
  • Share videos and photos
  • Create and comment long-form blog posts on Blockdesk
    • trending pieces or editors' picks will appear on the main page
  • Private and group messengers
  • Audio and video calls
  • Latest news feed
  • Track the market action of the top 500 coins and customize your watchlist via blockwatch

  • Learn on blockademy through articles and how-to media about all things crypto

  • Use the BXR cryptocurrency to tip others, advertise, stake, etc.


Blockster's whitepaper (some of the app's design is illustrated). Next is a sneak peak of the app, as published on July 1st by its team (backup on [3]).



In July 2021, this platform launched its testnet, and it's all set to open to the public later this year (ref)

Stage 1

✔️ Website
✔️ News Feed
✔️ Profile
✔️ Following
✔️ Messenger
✔️ Audio calls
✔️ Video calls
✔️ Blockdesk
✔️ Blockademy
✔️ Friend refferal system
✔️ Top 800 token pages
✔️ Group messaging
✔️ Advanced Search

Stage 2

⌛ Ads
⌛ Wallet
⌛ Trading
⌛ Mobile spps
⌛ P2P transactions / BXR tipping
⌛ Crypto portfolio tracking

Stage 3

⌛ NFT marketplace
⌛ Business marketplace
⌛ Games marketplace
⌛ Advanced algorithms
⌛ Token launch platform
⌛ Software & apps marketplace



Token (BXR)

BXR is an ERC-20 token (on Ethereum blockchain) with a total supply of 100 000 000 tokens, which can be used:


  • tippingin staking
    • stakers will earn 20% of all the advertising revenue on the platform
    • the more users the network attracts, the higher the rates for advertising, and the larger the staking rewards

  • stakingfor buying advertisement in the platform

  • paymentsfor peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions free of charge, including content tippingtransactions
    • tipping aims to create a positive culture around sharing legitimate, high quality content

  • communityfor buying NFTs, games and other services in Blockster’s marketplaces (roadmapped to 2022)

  • paymentsfor voting on key matters affecting the development of the platform


How do I know the BXR token is legit?

Once the final phase of the token sale is complete, you will be able to buy and sell BXR tokens on the Digitex exchange


BXR is already in the process of being listed on major exchanges


How to get BXR before Blockster is launched?
  • Buy it during token sale of 10M BXR
    • the pre-sale (2M BXR) has sold out more than 1 month before the deadline
  • 💯 Join the Waitlist and then promote Blockster on your social media or use your referral link
    • more than 380 000 people have joined so far


You only get access to the campaign below once you join the waitlistf627b998ad3ad21ac82012814d4fba75c88c121e4446581463859bd588c16e9e.png


At the end of phase 6 of the BXR token sale, we will send you an email with full details explaining how to claim your BXR tokens





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