Storage clouds made in Europe

Storage clouds made in Europe

By Cathy J | Sustainable Tech | 22 Jul 2021



  • ID Cloud Services LTD, Wales (UK)
  • Web / Mobile / Desktop (as virtual hard drive) apps
  • 10 GB (free plan)

Take back control of your data with the strongest encrypted cloud storage in the world, Icedrive team

  • Twofish Encryption (only for paid plans)
    • an algorithm by Bruce Schneier (btw, a Signal [1] supporter [2])
    • widely accepted by cryptographers as a more secure solution than Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/Rijndael, Icedrive team
    • everything – even file and folder names – gets encrypted client-side (i.e. on your device) before it hits Icedrive servers
    • zero-knowledge
      • in cryptography, it means that you, and only you, can view and decrypt your data
  • Share folders or files, via:
    • email
    • public link (anyone with that URL can view and download content)



  • Share files up to 5 GB for free
  • End-to-End encrypted
    • your files get encrypted before they leave your device and never get decrypted until accessed by your recipient (zero-knowledge system)

  • Follow file opens with access logs and revoke access immediately if needed

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Cathy J
Cathy J

Not coming here ever again!

Sustainable Tech
Sustainable Tech

All about my favorite apps for multiple software categories. None of them is owned by "Big Tech" (big corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Zoom, etc.). It is (to me) not sustainable to feed billion/trillion-dollar companies whenever there are effective, more ethical (right to privacy and to freedom of expression) and less wealthy firms in the market. Empowering monopolies increases social inequalities and abuses of power.

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