Top Three cryptocurrencies You Should Invest in 2020

By CryptoUpdates | edusonpublisher | 11 Nov 2019

The great increase in the number of cryptocurrency users across all cryptocurrencies is highly demanding. The blockchain transfer and banking increase it’s target to around 2 billion users by the year 2020. However, it’s advisable not to just invent in a crypto currency. Invest in a currency that has shown desirable benefit to investors and users. Many people do follow the ICO advertisements instead of checking how the currency is being used in the market. The following are factors that you should consider before investing in any given digital currency;

Improve in Liquidity

Liquidity refers to how the currency is constantly used. Check if the currency if is constantly used, traded and transferred. These show that it’s easy to use the currency and investors have interest. Avoid currencies with low liquidity as you may not be able to trade them. Enhance you will end up being rich on paper.

Demand Drive

Choose a currency with a high usage. These clearly show that the currency is highly needed by users and investors who are getting more profit from the cryptocurrency’s demand.


A currency with scarcity shows it is having a high demand hence resulting to low market circulation.

 In this article am introducing you into three currencies that are likely to usage hence becoming more profitable in case you invest in them.


Pantos is one of the cross-chain cryptocurrency developed by BitPanda. Investor can only access this currency by use of the BitPanda platform. Pantos at it early stage in the cryptomarket it has managed to sit at a price of $0.01. PAN is developed to be used even in the blockchain. This will facilitate the future transfer of digital asset a crypto future which has not been attained by any other cryptocurrency. To achieve this kind of transfer PAN is formed on the basis of Atomic Swap Technology. If this becomes successful it will be easy to have cross-chain transfer of digital asset from one blockchain to another.


OMG is a cryptocurrency develop by real world company. It big aim been to gives a solution on online payments to millions of merchants. OmiseGo is currently at a market cap of about $248 million and a p;rice of $ 1.75. OmiseGo just managed to hit this target despite the huge demand of this currency in the previous year. OmiseGo aim to solve to challenge around the globe

Provide access to bank by helping them to have access to bank account- OmiseGo wants to give the unbank people with a system that is easy to store, receive and send money in any form of currency or asset at a very low cost compared to other transactions.


Provide an easy way to the transfer of digital assets to different network and among different assets or currencies. These have helped users, merchants and vendors to easily transfer money within any network.


Stellar  Lumen(XLM)

XLM is sited at a marketcap of about $ 2 billion and price of $0.10. 

This has reflected the high potential of the currency. XLM aim to win money transfers across the global. XLM has a boasted future to enhance transactions.

  • Instant transaction of about 2-3 seconds
  • Almost a free transaction

Collaboration with major transaction companies stripe, Deloitte and IBM. Stellar Lumen also has the ability to deploy smartcontract with a low cost of transaction, faster transaction compared to the current Ethereum.

As these currencies comes with big plan to develop new feature there demand increases. This is the appropriate time to buy these currencies and accumulate them.  Am quite sure these currencies will have high impact in the crypto market when the project matures.

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I am an article writer and a crypto trainer


I am an article writer and a crypto currency trainer

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