Why Bitcoin Cash Will Put Casinos Out Of Business

Why Bitcoin Cash Will Put Casinos Out Of Business

By Economic Ninja | EconomicNinja | 13 Apr 2021

The 'Crypto Lab' has been active again. I've lost count of how many times we've had to resupply the midnight oil for the laboratory...

The project I have been experimenting with is one of the top betting sites in the crypto world, and it's likely to cripple many casinos in the future, or put them out of business forever.

It's a seamless way to gamble, online, with a laptop or phone, with no KYC requirements, no ID 'submission'  —  if you win $2500 or even $25,000, no one knows you're the victor. No .gov will come after you for "windfall taxation" because the site keeps the users 100% anonymous.

The odds are much better than any casino by far. The site has a house-edge of about 1%. Compare that to the 3%-5% house advantage for any casino.

And the user doesn't have to pay expenses for travel; no airfare costs, no hotel costs, no over-priced food. You won't get "free" drinks while playing like many casinos offer, but it's foolish to think they're doing us a favor by giving away drinks in the first place.

The site I'm referring to is https://www.satoshidice.com  All bets are used with Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

WARNING: This Site Could Be Very Addictive

With its ease-of-use, the higher winning odds, and the seamless interface, SatoshiDice could become addictive.

Just a few clicks or phone taps, and you're playing a dice game, that could pay off (or lose) in a big or small way, with nearly instantaneous and private payments.

You select the odds with the slider at the top of the screen, or with the pre-selects on a mobile phone. The better odds chosen, the lower the payout is. The lower the odds are, the higher the payout.

For example, if the 100x Multiplier is selected, the odds of winning are .99%. If the 1.1x Multiplier is selected, the odds of winning are 90%.

The Laptop Odds Selector


The Mobile Odds Selector

The user selects their desired payout, then sends in as low as (approximately) $3 which is .01 BCH, to as much as $30K in BCH, and the random number generator automatically rolls. If you roll under the 5-digit number (depending on the odds selected), then it's a win.

Here's the kicker: the money in BCH is automatically 'bounced' back to your BCH wallet. No need to copy/paste your BCH address. It's full auto!

This is one reason why the site could become a problem for gamblers who have an addictive personality. But, I say this in both a bad way and a good way.

The good news is that this site and other provably fair gambling sites like this one, will take over the gambling world and offer much better odds for the players.

SatoshiDice is so well-polished and easy to use, it is currently the number one random dice gambling site. And only Bitcoin Cash can be used. No other crypto allowed.

This is the goods news. At least for Bitcoin Cash holders.

A good user experience is what will help with crypto adoption, and BCH is head and shoulders above all other cryptos with the exception of DigiByte. And the users of the Bitcoin.com wallet will have the absolute best experience.

If on mobile, and if the user has the official Bitcoin.com wallet installed, they can go to the SatoshiDice website, select their odds and the amount they want to risk.

After that, select 'Open address in your wallet' (see below).


The Bitcoincom wallet will open up, and then you'll make the confirmations from there. The BCH will then be sent to SatoshiDice, the 'dice' will roll, and the money will go back to the wallet automatically if there is a winner.


This is the seemliness of the both SatoshiDice and the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Note: Notice the less than 1 cent fee to send BCH (above).

On both the mobile site and the computer site you will see Get Badger Wallet or Play With Badger Wallet if it's already installed. Badger Wallet is similar to MetaMask, except it is for BCH and not ETH.

You don't need to install the Badger Wallet to play on mobile.

If you do want to use the Badger Wallet Chrome Extension for desktop/laptop/mobile, just go to your Google Chrome Store, and search for "Badger Wallet", and then install. Remember to back up the Badger Wallet if there is money on it!

The icon will appear in the top right of the Chrome, Brave or Firefox browser:


The average user will probably not be using the Badger Wallet, and will choose to use the Bitcoincom mobile wallet instead. However, if playing on a computer and not mobile, Badger Wallet just might offer the best experience.

Economic Ninja
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