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There are many lucrative passive income options in crypto world and copy trading is one of them.  Covesting is launched in one of the biggest exchanges Primexbt. It allows investors to copy the trades of professional traders.  

Traders that would like to use the Covesting module need to have a PrimeXBT account. Next, both strategy managers and followers can go to the Covesting module main interface by clicking on the “Covesting” link in the top navigation bar.

For traders that would like to follow specific strategies, in the main Covesting module interface a table displays all strategies that are available for investment, traders need to click on the strategy they would like to invest into.

I have tested many of the experts in the last 4 months and can easily recommend Roger's Signals. The results are quite impressive and i doubled my investment in 3 months.  There is no limit for the minimum amount and the maximum amount is 0.1 btc to invest. I believe while investing in bitcoin having extra returns like this is insane.




Covesting on PrimeXBT is a new way for traders to reduce their risk of interacting with the cryptocurrency market, while being able to leverage the experience of professional traders in order to maximize potential profit.  Remember there is always risk in financial markets altough above numbers look very lucrative do not invest more than you cant afford to lose.

I will leave below the link of the strategy manager.

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