Introducing PlatON_Network; KeyShard and Vitu Dapp
Introducing PlatON_Network; KeyShard and Vitu Dapp

By EbriDan | EbriDan | 15 Aug 2019

PlatON is Blockchain-based company that acquires data, protects, stores and distributes said data, and provides computing power, as a service to facilities like other data providers that require and are in need of data. 351665157-48af40072d6eb3324e39fbe7d62ef873ec9761e8ff22dbff1926d41d010dbe03.jpeg

PlatON is a trustworthy network that acts as a database and marketplace for data and data usage. These data providers, and computing power providers when connected to PlatON network all become nodes on the PlatON_Network blockchain. 


The the company provides other products like, KeyShard and services like bookings, consultation,. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the privacy of your data. PlatON is committed to protecting all data kept in their care. My favorite product is the KeyShard. 



What is KeyShard? 


Do you know you can still control your wallet without a private key and mnemonics? Yes, with KeyShard. That is crazy!, but it works and it is very safe. 

You see, with KeyShard crypto wallet a group of persons, family members, heads of departments, you and I, will JOINTLY control all our assets in our private wallets in a very convenient and secure manner. Don't forget, data privacy is key for any respectful company that deals on data like PlatON does. 

PlatON has already signed a partnership with majority of the popular crypto wallets, including my favorite coinomi. 


With KeyShard, you don't have to worry about losing your keys, nor the lose of your mobile. All you need is a threshold signature and you can reset your password and keyshard. A protocol known as "secure multi-party computation" helps users regain access to their wallet. The KeyShard application does not save keys within the app or on its servers. Someone trying to hack into your wallet would find it be next to impossible, each wallet transaction policy can be customized to your personal taste. 


What is VITU? 

Vitu is an AI, data DApp that connects and create an active research environment, making data and other online ideas accessible at your fingertips. This will undoubtedly lead to high level of collaboration which is will inspire creativity, for me it will be a means to gain access into the minds of trading gurus so as to learn and compare the different trading strategies on the cryptosphere. 

Imagine a goto DApp on the blockchain with access to all classes of data on the different blockchains at a very low cost and with the greatest accuracy in result. That is VITU. 





Generally, PlatON network can be used in various sectors like; 

I. MANAGEMENT OF KEYS: There will be custodians and users holding separate parts of each key. To further facilitate adoption, PlatON is in partnership with Hashkey, Keystore, HashQuake, RealLid and many more key management services.

II. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The data market would be most beneficial algorithm providers and users of bots that require users data. Also PlatON_Network makes available services such as infrastructure development, operations on open-source architecture and consulting services for developers of distributed AI applications such as, data providers, individuals, communities, institutions, all with a target in their various computational needs.

III. ADVERTISING: Accepted adverts relevant to users can be made available, this Ads won't be irrelevant since the network will posses users data. 

III. BANKING: for payment and transactions. Users that includes business owners, merchants, buyers, traders, cooperations etc can opt to use the available means of payment or build a payment system

IV. HEALTH SECTOR: individuals can get paid for sharing and authorizing the use of data. The public and other institutions can use the protected data for research purposes. This will greatly reduce fraud in many forms. 





With PlatON_Network's features like scalability, top performance in accurate data filtering, protection of data ownership and a top tier privacy, the data market and availability of computer power is assured. As at the time of writing this article, the platform is live and anyone can join as a node, the applications are available on mobile IOS and Android as well as on Desktop. The name of PlatON native token is "Energon". It is accepted as a means of payment for all transactions on the PlatON public blockchain. With platON's features like data privacy-preserving, effective data validation, and efficient use of data, the distribution economy of data has never been better than this. 




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