FaucetGame Is Back (Relaunced As FocusGames)

FaucetGame Is Back (Relaunced As FocusGames)

By wildnblue | eat sleep HODL repeat | 11 Apr 2020

For those of you who were aware of FaucetGame.com you already know that this was one of the highest paying and most fun to play faucet/casino-like games, the site has closed a few years ago (all the users were paid,it was not an exit scam) but now it has relaunched from the same owner under the name FocusGames.Everything is as you remember it with the only exception that instead of BTC FocusGames is using FGN token (stands for for Focus Gaming Network) which is a TRC20 token and running on the TRON blockchain, you can trade FGN for TRX at poloniDEX, here is a detailed guide on how to to connect with Trolink and exchange on PoloniDEX.


What is FocusGames?

For those who never used FaucetGame before here is a short explanation, FocusGames is a faucet site where you can play casino-like games with a very low house edge and earn crypto for free, you don't need to deposit any money to gamble (unless you want to buy VIP account) you can earn FGN  tokens by claiming from the faucet,completing offers,chat rains.lottery and daily bonus challenges.

The Games

This is the best part of FocusGames you can have fun and multiply your earning at the same time, you can play play 5 games atm.

                                    Slot Machine



                               Wheel Of Wealth



                           Roll Of Chance (Dice)



                         Falling Fortune (Plinko)








Boost your earnings



You can earn more FGN tokens by upgrading your account,the higher level you are the more tokens you are allowed to gamble and win (also your withdraw limits are increasing).You can't deposit tokens to upgrade you can only use FGN from your balance.

VIP account

This is the only case you have to deposit money in this site, VIP account costs 10$ per month and you can pay only in TRON, below you can see a screenshot taken from the site with the advantages you have when you purchase a VIP account with the auto-play option being the best one imo (remember the game is designed to make you win more than lose so the more you play the more you earn).



I hope you enjoyed my article about FocusGames and give it a try, if you want to support me click here to sign up as my referral and i will gift you a few FGN tokens to get started all you need to do is to sign up using my link and reply in the comments below with your username, thanks a lot!


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eat sleep HODL repeat
eat sleep HODL repeat

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