How To Earn More On Crypto Idle Miner

How To Earn More On Crypto Idle Miner

By wildnblue | eat sleep HODL repeat | 2 Aug 2019

Hello everyone this is my first post here and i want to give you a few tips on how to level up faster on Crypto Idle Miner and earn more.

First of all if you are not aware of it Crypto Idle Miner is an amazing mining simulator game for IOS and Android devices that rewards you with a new token called HORA.I see a good potential in this token which is built on the TRC20 system on the Tron network and you can already trade it on Faucethub for a price between 5-10 satoshi per coin, the HORA games team is already working on putting the token into bigger crypto exchanges and i believe that the price will be much higher when this will happen (don't get me wrong here, I am not advising anyone to invest,remember this a "guide" for a game that let's you earn for free).

you can read more about the game here 

you can download the game here


Why should i trust you?

Well, I will show you my results, I am playing this games for 3 weeks now and i am already on the diamond league (top 10% of the players) and atm i am in the first place of my division and very close to win this season.

Check the screenshot below (i use the nickname isen there)




Ok let's start

1) Focus On Buying New Rigs

New rigs have much more mining power than the previous ones,so instead of upgrading again and again all rigs that you already own buy a new when  you have the chance and focus on upgrading only the 2-3 last of them until you have money to buy another one,try it for yourself and you will find out that this way is more effective.

2) Start The Prestige As Soon As Possible

If you don't know it already,since you decide to use the prestige option(which gives you higher income multiplier and skill points) you will not level up until your farm's previous level is reached.Prestige is totally worth to use and you will have to activate it sometime  so make sure to do it as soon as possible to start leveling up sooner and earn advantage against other players.

3) Use Wisely Your Super Cash

I've described in the first paragraph how important is to buy new rigs, but they are expensive and many times you need to wait until you have the cash to buy them, instead of waiting my advice is to use your super cash money, you can do a lot with them like upgrading your managers or your traders(which you definitely should do from time to time) for example but imo this is the best use of them.


So these were a few tips that helped me to reach the first place of my diamond league divison, I hope they will work for everyone who struggles to level up and receive a positive feedback from you,I will try to update you with my progress the next week, thanks for reading and have fun!!!


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eat sleep HODL repeat
eat sleep HODL repeat

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