E&S Token Review: The Graph (GRT)

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Today we will talk about: The Graph (GRT)!

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To date, the cryptocurrency sector counts the presence of thousands of tokens, which in turn are associated with thousands of ecosystems. Among them, it is also possible to identify the cryptocurrency The Graph.

What is it exactly? What is it based on? More importantly, what is the purpose of its associated ecosystem?

These are just some of the main questions that we will address during our study. Before starting, we would like to remind you that The Graph is the ecosystem of reference, i.e. the platform at the base of the project's functioning.

As for the token, it takes the name of GRT and can be considered a crypto asset in all respects, with its own value and trend.


Starting from the Token, The Graph cryptocurrency (GRT) is part of the Ethereum Token type and plays a crucial role within The Graph ecosystem. The latter is considered a real protocol of last generation, obviously decentralized and therefore without a centralized and private proprietary system. In recent times it has been able to extend its community, taking advantage of the potential of the protocol and its own technologies. But what exactly is The Graph for? The protocol is fully focused on indexing and querying data in blockchain technologies.

The indexing of specific data, with respect to networks such as Ethereum, is then associated in APIs. All interested parties, such as experts and programmers, have the possibility to create APIs based on their own needs and requirements (i.e. Application Programming Interfaces), to allow interactions between different projects, all in a live and controlled way.

The Subgraphs (as they are called within the ecosystem) launched to date have been over 2300. The Graph platform can count on the presence and partnership of many other noteworthy ecosystems, such as:

  • UniSwap
  • Compound
  • Aave

The GRT token plays a pivotal role in The Graph and is also a valuable tool for rewards on staking and is a true crypto asset with its own performance.

Who are the founders of The Graph?

The Graph team includes professionals from the Ethereum Foundation, OpenZeppelin, Decentraland, Orchid, and MuleSoft. They have led the IPOs and acquisitions of Salesforce, Puppet, Redhat, and Barclays.

The original co-founding team included Yaniv Tal (project leader), Brandon Ramirez (research leader), and Jannis Pohlmann (technical leader). The founders have an engineering background and have worked together for 5-8 years. Tal and Ramirez studied electrical engineering at the University of Southern California and worked together at MuleSoft, an API development tool company, which had an IPO and sold it to SalesForce.

They previously co-founded a development tool startup and spent a large part of their career optimizing the API stack. In their last venture, the founders built a custom framework on an immutable database called Datomic. Graph was born from this vision and aims to create immutable APIs and data access using the GraphQL query language.

After a little introduction about what The Graph is and who is behind the project, I invite you to follow me so you don't miss the second part of the article that will be released next Sunday.

We'll go more specifically into new features of this project!

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Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible
Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible

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