E&S Special Edition: Academy & Charity, another good side of Binance

Hi Publish0x community and welcome back in my Sunday article dedicated to the “Easy and Short. Cryptocurriencies made accessible” section.

Today we are in the fourth article of a special month of this section dedicated to Binance!

5 weeks, 5 amazing articles with a lot of tips and video tutorial dedicated.

Have you missed last article? Don’t worry you can recover it here.

Today we are going to see two other very positive aspects of Binance.

The first one is the Binance Academy.


Binance Academy is one of several arms operated by the Binance foundation to push its goal to dominate the cryptocurrency space. The platform hopes to cover a vast range of fundamental and advanced topics comprising everything from blockchain and its applications to cryptocurrencies and security and more.

It could be considered like a “Crypto-Wikipedia”. I took the initiative to write an article about the functions, operations, and features of Binance Academy because it is worth taking the effort. As time went forward, Binance has kept updating its platform with new terms, videos, security upgrades, and sometimes even news about recent events.The Binance Academy is currently divided into 4 distinct categories:

  •  Glossary
  • Tutorials
  • Economic Perspective
  • Security Breakdown

The Glossary allows people to make sense of what is what in the evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Is where we can find the meanings and definitions of complex words, abbreviations, and jargon.

In Tutorials we can find explanations to simple topics like mining and encryption to more advanced topics like the Smart Contracts, Quadratic voting and many more.

In the Economic Perspective section we can find explanations to various trading strategies and economic perspectives into cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You can find strategies to Dollar-Cost-Average your crypto or just walk in to know more about Bitcoin’s store of value theory.

The Security category covers all areas that are important for safeguarding, storing, and browsing with your cryptocurrencies. It is well known that as appealing it may be, the crypto world is invested with scams and schemes and whatnot.


As we can see, Binance offers a wide range of information to enter and understand the world of crypto. It plays an important role in learning the easiest or most complex features about cryptocurrencies. It can be a good free tool to access a lot of information and learn more and more about the crypto world.

Now I want to tell you about another important Binance initiative: Binance Charity.

In 2019, Binance founded the Blockchain Charity Foundation with the aim of helping people in need with the help of blockchain technology. Blockchain Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving global sustainable development by unlocking the power of blockchain.

Binance has create a blockchain-based donation system that makes each transaction flow transparent, accountable and efficient. Since 2019, Binance Charity has raised more than 530 BTC and helped more than 100.000 people all over the world through their donations.

A user can go into the “donate” section, chose one of the charity campaigns and make the crypto donation to the Blockchain Charity Foundation.


Among the various goals, Binance want to expand the use case for cryptocurriencies, accelerate global sustainable development, create sustainable cities and communities, create health and well-being and many more.

Now I want to leave you with the concept of “effective altruism”. In effective altruism, our help to people in need can actually prove useful and valuable. The effective altruist is the one who, in front of a homeless man, understands that he wants to do his service to improve the social situation, or the one who, in the awareness of the migrants' drama, feels the need to intervene to make his own contribution.

The revolutionary idea of effective altruism is expressed according to a description of life that must always tend to act in the best possible way, taking a path of rationality on which to set out and found one's own works of charity and solidarity. This would make all of us better people, since we would be able to help others in the objectively best way.


An analysis reveals how a person's income can be directed towards the perspective of donation, but doing it in a fully lucid and logical way. Obviously, effective altruism does not only concern issues of international-world significance such as world hunger or the issue of refugees and immigrants who died at sea, but should prove to be an applicable method in all our daily decisions. Even if we tend to legitimize and justify our emotions as acceptable, could we, thanks to effective altruism, rearrange the chaos of passionate and sentimental irrationality for a more effective and just world?

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Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible
Easy&Short. Cryptocurrencies made accessible

In this section, we are going to create two article per each cryptocurrency/token. The first one will be technical, with a simplification of the Whitepaper and the second one will be about particulars of the coin. For example staking yields, particular functions and so on! I am sure you will like this very much!

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