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Make Money with EOS blockchain DApp Upland! + Tips for new players!

By | EasilyRich | 18 Feb 2021

Make Money with EOS blockchain DApp game Upland! + Tips for new players!

Cha-Ching! Are you a crypto enthusiast? Have you always wanted to jump in the real estate market but it was too expensive? Do you love day trading? Do you destroy your friends and family at monopoly?

Then Upland might be the game for you!

Upland is a really cool cryptocurrency real estate game I recently discovered. It runs on EOS and all assets in the game are recorded on the EOS blockchain. At first when I saw the ads for Upland I thought it was a kids trading card game but I was totally wrong. It is a game where you buy as many digital properties as possible, and then you try to flip the properties to other players for profit. Kind of like crypto monopoly! When another player visits your property they pay you "rent"! You also earn a small stream of income from holding your assets. I should also mention it is possible to sell your assets for $USD. All properties in the game correlate to real life locations and properties!



What you might be wondering is "can I join this game?" or "is it free"? Well the good news is that the game runs on web browsers, android, and ios. So everyone can access the game. And it is free! Kind of. While the game is free to start, to truly progress in the game you will probably have to spend around $5-$10. The reason is that when you first start, you really only have 1 property and the income stream will be fairly low as it is most likely a cheap property. The best strategy in my opinion is to spend $5-$10 to get your first few properties in the game and Uplander status. That way you have a solid base that you can buy or sell properties to earn money. Also once your account reaches Uplander status, your properties are forever owned by you on the EOS blockchain. Some people might be disappointed to hear that they may have to spend but in my opinion it is totally worth it. So far I have put around $15 into my Upland account and my current account value of all my assets, properties, and in game currency is around $25! So I have made around $10 profit in just a few days! As I learn better strategies to flip properties, I am confident I can grow my account to be huge! I feel as the game grows and gets more players, properties will become harder to obtain and therefore go up in value. 

I have been having lots of fun playing Upland. It is fun to explore, research new properties and cities, and the feeling you get when you flip a property for a profit is a great feeling. There are also some good activities to do and achievements to acquire. In fact acquiring achievements can give your properties a passive income boost! They have treasure chest hunts, special events and minting of new properties. Below I have added a screenshot of some of the achievements or collections you can acquire. If you are a new player I highly recommend trying to complete these collections as you will get in-game currency as a reward. You can spend that currency on more properties to flip!

upland collection achievements


And here is an example of an average valuable property for sale. This digital property is selling for 53,760,000 UPX! (Around $53,000!)

big money!

You may be wondering do I truly own my digital assets? See this quote from Uplands website.

True Ownership and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) The nature of the digital items in Upland, as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, give rise to a concept we have come to call True Ownership. 

When a user reaches 10,000+ UPX net worth, our platform automatically creates an EOS blockchain account for them. The access to this account is granted through private keys that are generated from a user’s email/password combination. We do NOT store those details on our backend.

What this means is that the only person that can access your account, and the assets within them, is YOU! Not even we can go there (which is why it is significantly more important for you to properly secure your account). 

The non-fungible nature of the items, along with the influx of real money into the system (UPX coin are purchased primarily with real currency), produce an in-game market where users have a real sense of ownership. The market develops according to laws of real, authentic supply and demand. 

Make no doubt about it – the items and properties may be virtual, but this economy is real


So if you love real estate you will love Upland! And I think you have the chance to earn some money while having fun! I would recommend creating a free account and trying it out to see what you think! Below I will post some good tips for new players as well as some good resources.


Top Tips for New Players:

-As a new player I would recommend FSA properties. These properties are only available to new players and will be unavailable for seasoned players to purchase. Buy them up while you can!

-Start slow! No need to buy tons of properties the minute you join. Study the map and try to find properties in good locations and in good neighborhoods. If lots of the other properties in the area are selling for a high price, there is a good chance you can sell it around that price too!

-Try to complete collections! This is critical for new players as collections usually give you huge in game currency rewards which you can use to buy more property. It also gives you a passive income boost.

-Join the discord! The Upland discord is very active and the people there can help give you even more tips to become a pro real estate mogul. They also have lots of events and contests there. You can also learn about upcoming cities being released.


Great Resources for newbies:

- Upland Data | This website is great for finding cheap property and general Upland map data.

- Upland 101 | This is Upland's official how to play article on Medium.

- Discord | This is Upland's official discord channel.

- Telegram | This is Upland's official telegram channel.

- How to Guide | This is the official guide on how to play Upland.

- Upland Blog | The official Upland blog.

- UPX World | This is also a great website for Upland data.

Play Upland

Earn Money!

Still here reading? What are you waiting for? Start playing Upland today!



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