How much longer until Bitcoin's next halving event?

By | EasilyRich | 23 May 2022

Many people are wondering how long is it until Bitcoin's next halving event? What happens during a Bitcoin halving? Well just read further to find out!

One website that I personally use to check when the next Bitcoin halving is CoinMarketCap

You can use that link to check how much longer it is until the next halving. If you go ahead and click the link now, you can see that we are over halfway to the next halving! Currently at the time of writing we have only 735 days left. Personally I think halfway is one of the best times during a cycle to accumulate Bitcoin. That way you can front run the halving pump and excitement!


What happens during a bitcoin halving?

In simple terms Bitcoin will reduce the reward Bitcoin miner's receive for mining Bitcoin by half! So right now Bitcoin miner's are currently earning 6.25 Bitcoin every time they complete a block. When the halving occurs the Bitcoin miners will receive only 3.125 Bitcoin for completing a block. This occurs like clockwork every 4 years. This makes it more competitive for Bitcoin miners to receive rewards. This means it will cost more electricity to create more Bitcoin over time. Therefore miners will need to earn more per a Bitcoin to stay in business.

Are you excited for the next halving? Let me know in the comments section below! Also let me know what you think will happen to Bitcoin's price because of the halving?

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