New tron smartcontract!!!

By Earningbtclegit | earningbtclegit | 25 Aug 2020

Just launched ❤️❤️❤ TRONCHAIN 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

The Most sustainable and fully DECENTRALIZED 100% TRON support model , based on smart contract technology. The TRON CHAIN Smart Contract is designed to provide everyone with an independent, financial foundation based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology.

By DEPOSITING TRX into the fund (contract address) you activate the program and will RECEIVE 310% back, distributed accordingly to the Contract algorithm. TRONCHAIN is 100% decentralized and community-based; there are no additional profits made in the system, it is a P2P support model which insures fairness, transparency and justice for all.

There are no mediators or intermediaries, no owners, no company or human interaction, effectively guaranteeing the fairness of all participating partners according to the rules of the Smart Contract. 310% return is returned in 4 ways (1 passive and 3 via marketing) when 310% is accumulated through any of the 4 ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to continue receiving from the fund.

-1% Daily return on your Deposit (maximum 310 days), 100% Passive. -10% Direct Referral Commission for Sharing and Growing the Community Fund

-Daily matching Commission based on Partners Daily Income,

-1 level activated for each direct partner, maximum 15 levels. Daily Top Referrer Pool 3% of ALL Deposits set aside in pool, every 24 hour 10% of the pool is shared among top 4 sponsors in volume Minimum deposit limit 100 trx IMPORTANT NOTES TRON CHAIN is a community-based project, 100% decentralized, P2P transactions through Smart Contract. *Each Deposit Cycle is 310%. *When 310% is received, a new deposit must be made to continue earning / receiving from any of the 4 ways. *No referrals required in order to receive.

1% pays out daily to all members, 100% passive. To join TRON CHAIN Smart Contract: On desktop: a computer running the desktop version of Google Chrome with the TronLink add-on installed. Browse to this Link:

On mobile: Install

Go to Browser (within the Tron wallet, bottom left) Browse to this Link.

3.1x income will be initiated and activated - every 24 hours you will receive your daily ROI TRONCHAIN is 100% verified on TRON blockchain you may check at tronscan.

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