What is wrong with Alien Worlds?

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 8 Oct 2021

I can sum this up pretty easily and I intend to. There are 2 things with Alien Worlds that infuriates me at this stage in the game and I wish they got their stuff together.


The other day they sent out an e-mail linking to their Medium article here. The article itself was about how you can now play Alien Worlds on your smartphone browser. Which I have been doing for sometime already with Pocket Aliens anyways but whatever. So in the Medium article they talk about the new UI of Alien Worlds and they posted A LOT of tweets about the new UI. But ignore all of that and scroll down to the end of the article and you will see this:


This is what they stated is coming next for Alien Worlds. Do you see what is missing there? Yep, Thunderdome is missing. Guys I don't know what to say anymore about this. Thunderdome was talked about coming soon a year ago. And in that time we have had all that Binance stuff happen and this UI change and not much else really. It just looks like to me the Alien Worlds dev team has given up on Thunderdome completely.

The second thing is this Medium article I received this morning. It is about an event called "Church's Inferno". Basically it is an event where there are a few volcano land pieces in the game where you will have to mine on to win some tools. They put some backstory into the article about "the craters be spewing CO2". 


But why does this bug me? Because the team behind the game at are making a semi separate game on that is no way linked to the real game. 

What I mean by that is all the backstory to this Church's Inferno is made up on the spot and does not tie into the game well at all. Secondly unless you follow Alien Worlds on Instagram/Facebook/Medium you would have no idea this 'event' was going on. That is because the dev team has still refused to build a notification system into Alien Worlds or even a message system. 

I do not understand why Cyrpto projects always go this route. You created a popular new game or service or app that everyone is using. You then decide to not communicate to your people through that app/service/game but through various other projects. It just strictly limits your userbase when you do that. If Alien Worlds posted about this Church's Inferno in their own game and built it into the game say a new tab on the left hand side where you could see the volcanoes in question and go to them and then mine them via the game. SOOOOO many more people would play it and you would be showing so many more people that you are adding "end-game" material to the game and it is not just click mine and click claim and then sell all your TLM on an exchange.

The reason I keep coming back to Alien Worlds is because I truly want it to be great. I think it really does have a shot at sticking around and being a great game like Splinterlands is. I keep writing negative articles about Alien Worlds because they keep letting me down and maybe I just need to realize they will never be the game I thought they would be. Maybe they just don't care about the game in the same way I do, or I guess want the same thing for the game that I do.

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