Should you FARM at all on Harvest.Finance?

Should you FARM at all on Harvest.Finance?

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 3 Feb 2021

This is a tough article to write because I know what a lot of articles are going to be about. They are going to be technical dives into the Asset pairing and the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of the pair. And I also know that Publish0x has some relationship with FARM (because well it's a tipping token). But at the end of the day I got here for being honest and me so I guess lets keep going with that.

So when you go to Harvest.Finance it reminds me of the Internet of the early 2000's. It's text based with minimal graphics (to speed up loading time). Which at first I didn't like it but the more I've been on the site the more it grows on me for it's simplicity.


I would love to write an in depth article about all the best trading pairs and how to earn a crap ton of passive income. But I am still fairly new into the crypto game. I've been around this field for over a year but I don't really trade assets all that much. I look at an exchange and it scares me just a little because it is just so daunting. I know for a fact I am not alone in that fact. 

Upon looking through Harvest Finance for this article to get familiar with it before I took a stab at writing this I noticed a little gem hidden off the main page.
"Profit Sharing" the FARM token. Just think of "staking" FARM. And since we all receive FARM as a tipping token then why not earn passive income on it?


So if you are like me and are just a little scared of financial or the technical steep learning curve for exchanges I give to you the easy passive way to earn that Chedda'!!!


First you need a wallet that you can connect to Harvest.Finance. I personally use Trust Wallet because well it's awesome and it let's me connect to apps like Harvest.Finance by just scanning a QR code. So during this walkthrough I am going to assume you have Trust Wallet. If you don't have it then create a wallet with Trust and use it to withdraw your FARM from Publish0x.

Step 1: Navigate to


Step 2: Click the 'Connect Wallet' button

For security reason I won't show the screenshot but it will popup a QR code. Go into Trust Wallet and click on settings in the bottom right corner. Look for "WalletConnect" and click on it. It will bring up the QR scanner and scan the code from Harvest.Finance.


Step 3: Click on Stake in the top toolbar


Step 4: Click on the "167.25%" button inside "Profit Sharing"


Step 5: Take note of how much FARM you have

It should auto fill your total unstaked FARM but just for your own sake look at your "Unstaked FARM" section (red box).


Step 6: Input how much you want to Stake

If in the amount section shows how much you want to stake then you are good. If not then change it to be what you want it to be. I recommend staking every FARM token you have but that is just me.


Step 7: Click on "Stake"


Step 8: Grab a cup of coffee and wait for your interest

Now that you have staked your FARM you just need to sit back and wait. I don't know how long it takes to earn the FARM staking rewards but once you earn some it will automatically be put back into staking so you will continuously earn more interest on your staked amount without having to do anything. 

Now when you get more FARM added to your Trust Wallet via those sweet sweet Publish0x tips you will need to log back into the website and stake your nearly earned FARM.

Step 8b: Approving the Stake

When you hit Stake you will get this screen:


On your phone you will get a popup to approve the transaction. You technically need to send your FARM to Harvest.Finance so it can be staked. Now me personally I didn't want to spend $23 to stake $2 worth of FARM. WHEN Ethereum gas fees go way down then I would highly recommend staking your FARM.


Step 9: HODL or withdraw

Now this is the true question of the article. What game are you playing with Crypto? Are you an investor or a HODLer. I myself am a HODLer so I will leave my FARM here to keep compounding and hope that FARM raises in value over the years. I have always been and will probably for the forseeable future be in the HODL community. I have invested zero dollars into cyrpto. Everything I have gotten I have gotten for "free" Faucets, giveaway, Publish0x, etc. So if I lose all my crypto it won't be the end of the world because it is all profits to me.



I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

Earning that Crypto
Earning that Crypto

I was one new to crypto and was looking everywhere on how to earn different types of crypto and wish I had a central location to go to for information. Now I am trying to help those that come after me and make it easier for them.

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