Should you actually play UplandMe? (probably not)

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 13 Jul 2020

Hi guys, it's been a while. I apologize for my absence but I am back!

I saw an article online in regards to this "new" game called UplandMe and how you can make so much money on it. I wanted to give you all a no bull$#*% opinion on the game so you can be a litter wiser before you waste your money on it. It would benefit me more if I talked about how great it is and how you should use my referral code and blah blah blah. I am not trying to deceive you guys and don't want you to waste your money. So I wasted my money so I could really see how it worked.

What is the game?

The game itself is in Open Beta and is a property real estate game/marketplace. It has recreated the properties of San Francisco and you can buy and trade properties and collect rent on the ones you own. Each property is on the blockchain which means you physically own each property you buy. The game only has San Francisco properties but has stated they will add more regions as time goes on and New York is slated for Quarter 3 in 2020.


Down the road you will be able to develop the properties you own. You can get licenses to operate businesses on your properties and the makers of the game hope to merge the real world with the digital but letting business interact and pay normal people like you and me for things in game. Like if you own their restaurant property in the game you would rent them their property to run their digital business. (Which I highly doubt will ever come to fruition and even if it does it will be such a limited market it won't be worth it).

How does it work?

You are an "explorer" that automatically wanders San Francisco and as you pass properties you can purchase ones that are for sale but only if they are close to your "person"/explorer. After you purchase a property it gets minted on the blockchain and you own it. Each property will earn you rent basically . For example if you purchase a 5,000 UPX property you will earn around 60 UPX each month on that property. 


UPX is the currency in the game. You start with enough to purchase 1 property. As a new player you can earn quite a bit right off the bat by buying properties and putting them into collections with reward more UPX. But after 1-2 properties you run out real quick and will need an influx of UPX to keep playing at an effective rate. 

When you put your properties into "Collections" you can boost their monthly earnings. Let me honest with you here for a minute. Unless you pump a lot of initial cash into the game it's not worth it now. The Collections boosts don't do nearly enough to keep the game fun. The early Collections that you, as a new player, will be able to utilize only boost between 1.2 and 1.5 times your current rent.


There are these things called Treasures in the game that are supposed to add more daily/hourly fun to the game. It is a way to earn more UPX each day. What they are basically are pinata's hidden around the map of San Francisco and you need to find them and then you have a certain amount of seconds to click it as much as you can and you earn UPX for each click. The tricky part about them is when they spawn they are hidden to your view. You get an arrowing pointing to where it spawned and then you need to basically teleport around the map following the arrow to find the pinata.

I should also note that each property you own you need to set a Visitor UPX Fee. Which is a fee that you get whenever someone teleports to your property. People will teleport to your property if they are trying to find a Treasure and your property is where the arrow is pointing. It is also possible that a Treasure spawns ON your property and then more people would teleport to it. But that is very unlikely to be honest.


There is another feature that I have not mentioned and that is because I haven't used it. On the companies website they state that you can play the game like other Location based AR games (think Pokemon Go), where you can physically go to the properties in the game and your avatar in the game will follow where you physically are going. I don't live in San Francisco so I can't try this out.

Once you own properties you can then sell them for a profit but you are going to have to wait until someone wants to purchase your property which might take a very long time if ever. There are thousands of properties and a ton of them are not purchased yet so if you are new you don't have to worry about buying a property that is jacked up. If you do end of playing the game I recommend reading another article about how to actually play the game smart and before you spend your UPX on a property spend an hour in the game looking around and getting familiar with the properties.

What does it cost?

Technically it's free to play. You can create an account and start playing. BUT when you start you are a "Visitor". And after you purchase your 1st property you become a "Uplander". 

You can buy UPX with a Credit Card, PayPal or cyrpto to jump start your property buying. I spent $10 in BTC and got me the 10,000 UPX. (If you use someone's referral code it gets your way more UPX for free). The different crypto they accept are BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, EOS.


Is it worth it?

The million dollar question isn't it? I want to say "Well it depends", because in all honesty it does. But for most of you NO it is NOT worth it. The way I see it is there are only 2 ways that this game would be worth it for someone.

1) You want to play the long game here. You put a little money upfront (like $10) and collect your rent and visitor fee and the treasures. Then wait as more people join the game and properties get more expensive and you sell on the high.

2) You have a truck load of money you can dump into the game to buy up a lot of properties and get a lot of the collections running to start making a decent amount of rent and you do the treasure hunts.

If you do not fit into those 2 categories then don't bother with this game. Like I said earlier, I spent $10 on the game to see what it was really about and to get a feel for it. When I do these kinds of tests I go into it assuming that I am going to lose my money so I never spend more than I am willing to lose. I think you all should have the same mentality as well.

This is me after spending $10 in game:


All the other bits

So the URL for the game is:

Here is their Medium site where you can keep up to date on their updates:

IF you want to play the game I HIGHLY recommend using someone's referral link. It doesn't have to be mine but if you don't use a referral link and you end up deciding to purchase UPX then you will miss out on free UPX. The way it works is that if you use a referral code and after you purchase your 1st property (which you can do no problem with the starter UPX) when you purchase UPX half of what you purchase you get back extra. But it only works on your 1st purchase.

So for example if you buy 10,000 UPX for $10. Instead of getting 10,000 UPX you would get and extra 5,000 UPX and the person whose referral code you used would get 5,000 UPX. So you buy 10,000 UPX and you get 15,000 UPX and the referrer gets 5,000 UPX. 

This is my referral code if you want to use it: 

I can't speak to the Apple App but the Android app is pretty slick and works just as good as the website.

Here is a pretty good article that goes more in depth of how to start playing the game. I didn't write it but I read it before I started playing.

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