Ethereum Capital — The 0x167 Smart Contract, Part 4: We're Halfway Through September

This blog outlines my experience using Ethereum Capital. During the month of August I earned 12.7% in dividends on my initial investment. I then took those dividends and reinvested them into the Smart Contract; this post is about the first half of September.

For an overview of what Ethereum Capital is, please read the first post in this series: Ethereum Capital — Earning Daily Dividends, Part 1: My First Five Days


The Data


Both BTC and Ethereum took a hit earlier in the month, as did the Ethereum Capital smart contract. Presently, I'm on track to earn 4% in dividends for September, 1/3rd of August's return.  For me, this just demonstrates the ebb and flow of the markets.

The Ethereum Gold website just got a makeover. The author of the smart contract has created multiple user interfaces for people to use, just find the one you like the best.


In the end, the "value" of this contract should never be viewed in terms of its fiat price at the moment; it's not what matters.  What matters is the amount of ETH dividends earned on a daily basis.  The ETH/USA price only matters when you convert it into USD, the focus of this contract should always be, "what is my return in ETH?"  With that said I know there will be people who disagree, so for you I could sell everything and leave the contract right now and have about 15% more in USD than I started with; again, this goes to the beauty of the contract in the event of a catastrophe I can pull my investment out immediately and make a decent profit (which will only go up over time). And of course, this data just represents my personal experience with the contract; not financial advice.

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Cascading Faith
Cascading Faith

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Earning Passive Income Daily
Earning Passive Income Daily

This blog outlines my personal experiences in earning daily dividends through Ethereum Capital, a site which claims to give out lifelong Ethereum Dividends.

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