Robert Kiyosaki compared the United States to the fading Roman Empire


Robert Kiyosaki continues to express concern about the future of the United States. Now he is no longer talking only about the economy. Concerns concern the future of the country. In particular, he compared America to the Roman Empire in its decline. That is, precisely with the period that preceded the collapse and disappearance of the Roman Empire. Let's consider Kiyosaki's opinion in more detail.

Modern America = Roman Empire: parallels given by Kiyosaki

The investor and author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” emphasizes that the same events take place in all empires during their decline. In particular, the country experienced severe economic collapse before the collapse. In particular, the empire is being affected by the devaluation of the national currency, this is due to the fact that a period is coming when it is necessary to fulfill military and financial obligations. Against this background, there is unbridled joy in the country. People are only interested in spectacle.

“At the moment, the US national debt is a record: the highest in world history. Already now we can safely say that America will not be able to extinguish it. Yes, Washington has nothing to pay off its debts with! During the decline of the Roman Empire, identical events were observed. Gladiators entertained crowds of people. At the same time, bankers devalued the currency. This was due to the fact that the army had to be paid and bills had to be paid. With spectacles, financiers and rulers distracted people’s attention from pressing problems.”
Don't forget that America is now preparing for the Super Bowl. So it turns out that while financiers are trying to clean up the “Augean stables” in the country’s economy, people are enjoying sports spectacles. Interest in sports betting is growing among ordinary people.

Kiyosaki's advice

The investor believes that standard, familiar types of investing should be avoided. Now you need to pay attention to gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. These assets can become a “safe haven” for investor money. Robert believes that only "suckers believe in a strong American economy."
“In fact, only fools can believe that America’s economy is strong and resilient. In fact, only the Magnificent Seven are keeping the US stock market afloat. But support is provided thanks to the country's government dollars. If the situation does not change radically, then a complete collapse of the stock and bond markets could come as early as tomorrow.”

Thus, if you believe Robert Kiyosaki, then you need to quickly transfer all your funds into cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Have you already started buying gold and cryptocurrencies?

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