"Do you want to make money online?”

By lemming | Miscellanea | 28 Feb 2021

“Do you want to make money online?”
“Do you want to earn from 100 $ to 500 $ a month by doing simple tasks standing in front of your desktop? It could be simple”
A couple of years ago I asked myself whether it was possible to earn some money online.
Given that the web is so widespread that many businesses, trades, and activities take place online, I was pretty sure you could make money by doing something standing in front of your desktop or smartphone.
It's full of examples: influencers, bloggers, streamers, etc.
I made some searches by using keywords like “earn” “money” “online” and I found a lot of gurus of the net willing to dispense their methods of making money in a simple (in their opinion) way.
The titles of the posts were something like “9 ways to earn money online”, “27 simple ways to earn from 300 to 500 $ a month by doing the single task” and other similar statements promising a very huge number of methods to earn in simple (apparently quick) and comfortable ways.
In many cases a lost my time in reading the most obvious and predictable platitudes that can be thought of in this regard.

Let’s have some examples of incredible and effective advice.
Example number 1 - “Sell the things you don't use and you will earn money”.
The thought that came to me as soon as I read this advice cannot be reported here because I would risk the ban.
It is an advice of a galactic, almost universal banality. Not everyone has something to sell, but above all, it is not certain that what we no longer need is of interest to someone else.
Let's say, I want to sell my collection of sugar packets or matchboxes. How many chances would I have of finding a buyer willing to pay a fair amount that takes into account years of passion and expenses? (You are free to write in the comments how many you think they would be).
Trade is based on supply and demand. If you have nothing to offer that someone is interested in, you don't sell.
If you do a quick search on the net you will find that the offers to sell something are clearly (but much) higher than the requests to buy something.
Many want to sell and few are interested in buying.

Example number 2 - Affiliate marketing.
I saw a video of a guy who showed how to get some bucks from a bank in a few minutes:
He connected his social address books (with hundreds of email addresses, phone numbers, and social accounts) to his bank account.
The bank would give him a prize for every address that received tons of advertising messages and emails. More rewards if someone opened an account or made a deposit.
The thought that came to me as soon as I saw this advice it worse than that I had for example number 1: it cannot be reported here because I would risk not one the ban but two (I would be banned one time than I would be asked to re-join to can be banned a second time).
Hey man, my friend, how dare you distribute my personal email address or phone number without asking my permission?

Example number 3: “Invest in gold, silver, stock exchange, real estate, etc.” What a banality, if I had the money I would invest. The title of the post was “658 ways to earn money online” and not “658 ways to invest money online”.
There are online platforms that allow you to make investments even with small or very small capital (10 $), that’s true.
Unless you are lucky enough to invest in a token or cryptocurrency that gives you a performance of 1000X or higher in a very short time, your gain (but also your loss) will depend on how much you have invested.

Other examples could be given, but perhaps it is better to conclude with a question.
If someone had a foolproof method to get rich in a short time, doing almost nothing or even having fun, why should they waste time writing a post, an article, or a guide, or shooting a video tutorial, instead of applying it to themselves?

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