Crowdholding review: bounty hunting with a difference.

By profitofthegods | Earning Crypto | 15 Mar 2019

Crowdholding connects businesses looking to harness the energy and wisdom of the crowd with people wishing to earn cryptocurrency for small casual tasks.

Many people in crypto will be familiar with the basic principle and will have come across it in the form of ‘bounties’, which are common in crypto and can be found in many places such as Bounty0x. Bounties are usually small tasks which are posted online with a fixed reward, and anybody who wants to can complete the task and apply for the reward. Typical tasks can range from downloading an app or registering for a newsletter, to creating or sharing posts on social media, to writing and publishing articles, creating videos or artwork, or translating a project’s promotional materials into different languages.

Crowdholding includes this kind of bounty, but aims to go beyond them. In addition to catering to the regular bounty hunters the site also has a second category called ‘co-creators’. Anybody who joins the site can complete either type of task. Co-creators complete more varied tasks which are quite different from ordinary bounties. They can include things like reviewing a website, app, graphics or video, completing a survey to share your thought about a company or its products, or being creative and coming up with idea about how a business can improve its product or operations. These are just some examples, as there are many more things which could be posted as a co-creator task.

You can also earn a small amount by helping to rate other people’s contributions to make sure that people who put in more effort get a higher reward. If you upvote contributions which rank in the top 50% at the end of the task then you get an extra share in the reward just for this.

I really like the idea of going beyond simple bounties to leverage the energy and wisdom of the crowd to essentially help run a business. It is kind of like the spirit of ‘decentralized autonomous organisations’ which were envisioned as being run entirely by the crowd, but in a much more practical and realistic way that many different businesses would be able to use.

I joined the site about a week and a half ago and have completed all the available tasks and received a few payouts to my account balance. My thoughts so far can be summed up quite simply in a sentence: the payouts aren’t as high as some other bounty sites, but the tasks are much better.

To elaborate a little: I have found that there really are a wide range of different tasks which are very different from what you find on other bounty sites. I have found most of the tasks to be much more interesting, and some of them have been genuinely enjoyable. There weren’t any special requirements for any of the tasks – they were all things which anybody could complete. The amount I have earned is small, and I think I could have earned more for the same amount of time on another bounty site, but overall I think they were worth it and I will keep using the site.

If you are interested in learning more then please consider signing up using my invite link:


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