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It's been such a long time since I wrote an article here on Publish0x, essentially I quit. However even with quitting I noticed that I get regular views on my Youtube channel from Publish0x. Soooo I love learning about Crypto and I like helping people and teaching people various things and I love writing too, it's just fallen off the priority list.  

Lets hope I'm back!?

Anyway enough about me, lets talk aboot Yu...sur (see what I did there?)

Yuser is a relatively new Social Media app (November 2021) which concentrates more on visual splendor rather than fighting about whos left and whos right. Not only that in the near future you can add NFTs into the core of the social media experience. Keep in mind that this app is building and has many improvements and updates coming. Want to skip the text wall and watch a video? Check it out!

Now let's talk about how it works, essentially it's just like many other social media with a few exceptions, if you look on this example below you can see the nice image and a few other buttons to click on the right. Lets go top down. The top icon will bring you to the posters profile, the 2nd icon will allow you to reward that user the Gem Rocks (more on that later), the third is a comment section and the last is a report button. Seems simple right? Well it is.


The only new thing we see here is the reward button and it's honestly pretty simple too. There is a reward system that incorporates Gems

There are 3 types of Gems. Gem Rocks, Gem Stones and Gem Crystals.

Gem Rocks

When you first start using the app you are given 50,000 Gem Rocks these rocks have 0 monetary value however they have uses. You essentially give them away to posts/users you deem worthy. Upon receiving Gem Rocks the receiver gains converted Gem Stones. This works for you as well. If you create a high quality content and other users enjoy your work. They will then reward you will Gem Rocks which will then be converted to Gem Stones and rewarded on your account.

Gem Rocks can be earned from various social interactions. To see the various ways to earn them press the top left Gem button.

Gem Stones

So now many of you get the idea, grow a following upload high quality content and earn Gem Stones but what do they do? Here is a copy/paste from one of their medium articles (All source links and invite links below).

"Yuser will continuously roll out more use cases for Gem Stones, but here are some of them:

  • being able to purchase exclusive Yuser merchandise,
  • purchase products from partnered merchants,
  • get exclusive powers within the Yuser app,
  • be able to stake them for a chance to earn Gem Diamonds!" 

Gem Diamonds (Coming soon)

These will be actual crypto in the form of XC-20. This is essentially the equivalent of an ERC-20 except on the Moonbeam/Moonriver chains (XC-20 Cross chains between the two.) I will come back to the whole XC-20 thing a little bit later 

Inside the Yuser app the will be used to purchase NFTs minted by the community, there will likely be the same uses other cryptos have like liquidity pools, governance earning on the Yuser app or even from other apps and what uses other apps bring.

The total supply, tokenomics, allocations and more specific information can be found at their Gitbook (All source links and invite links below).



So by now you are probably realizing that you can monetize your networking on Yuser and your talents in digital media via the sales of NFTs. 

Uploading your content is an easy 4 step process that should take only a few moments. (see pictures below.)

(Press the + Button)(Select your Image)(Edit your image)(Create title and press post)

1 - Press the + button in the bottom middle

2 - Pic your image to upload

3 - Finalize and editing, press upload button on the bottom right.

4 - Comment and post

Now you may have noticed in the last picture (bottom) that there is an slider bar to store as an NFT and that feature is coming soon as will a potential cost for creating said NFTs. For now we can just create a post and social engage with others while earning Gem Stones.

So now you know all the essentials, sure there are features that I didn't go over like setting up your profile, search, notifications etc. I'm sure you can navigate these yourself. There are a few other things I did want to talk about before I conclude however. Elaborating on the blockchain and the marketplace accessed from the browser

If instead of accessing Yuser from your phone app you can decide to use it from your browser (I always use the Brave Browser), here you can see a couple features that don't exist in the app (yet).


 The marketplace will eventually be where all verified community members can upload and buy/sell their minted NFTs and they can also purchase others as well. What I like about how this system works is that by using the social aspect you can see if a particular post/piece of art gains traction and popularity and then decide mint it as an NFT or not.

The Yuser Marketplace

For now the Marketplace contains NFTs called NEXTGEMS created by the Yuser Development team. You can at the time of this writing buy/sell them with then MOVR token. They do provide the owners with extra privilege's. You can show it off and make it your Avatar (The icon where your profile is opened), download the PNG and show it off in other places. It also provides a passive daily boost to your Gem Rocks 1000 and Gem Stones 500. There will be other benefits in the future such as the ability to boost your content viewability and possibly more. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it. Currently being on chain and owning a NEXTGEM is not essential, however if you plan on incorporating NFTs into your social experience on Yuser you will want to connect your wallet. Add in the staking of Gem Stones mechanism and I suggest this happens sooner instead of later. If you want to learn how. I explain in my video above. Roughly about 13 minutes in.

Yuser on MoonRiver/Moonbeam

The blockchain that Yuser currently operates in on MoonRiver and at some point in the future they will navigate over to MoonBeam. It's a little complicated but I'll do my best to explain it simply.

Polkadot is a "layer 0" blockchain which means it can allow 100 layer 1 blockchains (via parachains) to use it's relay chain for security and more. MoonBeam is a EVM compatible blockchain and is currently using a parachain slot on Polkadot. By being an EVM compatible chain it opens up a bridge to a ton of other Blockchain developers who develop on EVMs, most notably Ethereum. Projects like MoonBeam make Polkadot interoperable and compatible and in a growing world of thousands of blockchains this is very important. (At least humble opinion.)

Now Kusama is essentially a live testnet of Polkadot or canary chain with actual value on the chains, this is where MoonRiver operates. Currently Yuser operates on MoonRiver and will eventually navigate off the testnet on to MoonBeam and being one of the first movers in both social media and NFTs on MoonBeam and by extension Polkadot I expect big things from all for mentioned projects. (Not financial advice just my dopey opinion.) 

I hope I explained it well, it's obviously more complicated and I find it fascinating and I encourage you to check all this out for yourself!

I did want to add just a couple possible issues I could see arise. With meritocratic social media platforms I have found from experience from dozens of  different platforms that we often get spam content in both the engagement and content areas. People will post google images and comment with 1 word just to eek out the maximum value from the currency that the social media rewards. Eventually this behavior floors the platform and turns off the genuine community and it all falls apart. I'm curious how the Yuser team can solve this and by no means and I faulting them for how other medias operate but I am sceptic of it somewhere in the back of my brain and feel I should mention it here.

I think that about covers the basics. You can get started today but 1 more VERY IMPORTANT thing I should mention. You can download the app from the link below to your phone or tablet however, you need a invite code from someone in the official Discord. I will also put this link below.

Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

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Until Next time, Get claiming!


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