Win Bitcoin and NFTs from the CryPix6 app for free.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a new cryptocurrency app, CryPix6. A free to download and free to play Crypto game. DOWNLOAD HERE

That's all. Hope you enjoy it!


Ha ha Just kidding, it's actually really simple so this wont be a very long blog. 

How does it work?

If you look at the picture below you'll see 54 cards placed on the board. If you look even closer (I couldn't get a more detailed picture) you'll see 6 cards are surrounded by a winning glimmer. These will be the winning cards, these winning cards will be the same for everybody. Currently there are 2 draws per week and more per week as the app grows!


Before each draw you get a chance to pick 6 cards. Simply fill out a form which takes about 2-5 minutes and your all set. If your Pix match the winning Pix you can receive a prize. Match more cards and get better prizes. The top prizes is a progressive prize! Matching 5/6 or 6/6  and you'll be flipping bricks! (No idea what that is, it just sounds fun.)

Here is a payout chart for anyone who is curious about the payouts. 


Seems pretty simply right? Well it is. It's also quick, it's also free to enter.

What do you need?

You'll need the CryPix6 app of course, a Bitcoin Lightening wallet we suggest the Wallet of Satoshi as CryPix6 has integrated it into it's payout system. You'll need about 5 mins to make your selections before each draw and that's it! It costs nothing to enter, it costs nothing to receive your winnings it only cost a little time and you'll have to watch an advertisement or two. 

Optional Wax Wallet will be required to participate and receive NFTs as a winning prize for matching 2/6 cards. (You win Sats regardless)

NFTs as a prize?

Legendary NFT Example

Currently the NFTs given have no monetary or intrinsic value nor is it required to enter into the CryPix6 draw. In their current form they have no impact on the CryPix6 draw. They are collectables for anyone willing to participate. What makes this even more interesting is the merge/blend system they have in place. When you win an NFT you get a common version, when you get a duplicate you can merge the two into a rare version. This can be repeated from rare to epic and epic to legendary. (Chart shown below.)


So while these have no inherent value and no known mint limit, they have collection value. To receive all 54 cards in their legendary form would take an incredible amount of time and effort. This could have some potential on the secondary market? You tell me in the comments section please. (Not financial advice) 

Lastly it does state in the explanation of NFTs that they MAY or MAY NOT be integrated as a gamified function.

My overall thoughts

So most of these apps are usually fairly simple and easy and payout small amounts of crypto, this app is along those lines. You do have a small chance to win a progressive pot and with enough users someone eventually will. No, we wont be able to retire but...we can stack those sats and we all know we have to keep stacking those sats. What might only be a few cents or dollars now can be worth dozens of dollars or more later.

The NFT merge/blend system is pretty cool and you can view the NFTs available in the app. They look nice and I'm excited to get started merging NFTs Heck maybe even more excited to enter the CryPix6 draws!

Overall it's essentially a lotto but instead of numbers, we pick crypto related cards. It's free to play and takes just a couple minutes. Yup I'm in and I'll see ya there. 

Thank you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until Next time, Get claiming!


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