Top 5 ways to earn Crypto for little to no cost going forward into 2021

Top 5 ways to earn Crypto for little to no cost going forward into 2021

It's that time again!

Time my my Biannual Top 5 crypto review. As my followers and subscribers know. I'm constantly in search of new interesting and profitable ways to earn crypto. I believe there is something for everyone. I also believe that we can incorporate many ways of earning into our lives without much change. During my search I come across many duds, many flops and many bad ideas. I also come across some amazing projects. These are the projects I will be sharing with you today. If you follow my Biannual top 5 review. There is some changes and a New #1!

Check out the Youtube video, where I go into detail on how each of them works and how they are rated.


I devised a basic rating system and went over roughly 50 projects. I even added a "My score" category specifically for my bias opinion. Just to try and give each project it's fairest chance to make my list ;-D

Gains ?/6 - How much can you earn. Probably the most important rating.

Reliability ?/5 - Is it full of bugs or constantly down? Does it appear like someone competent is operating it?

Entertainment ?/5 - Is it fun? Can you learn and/or enjoy yourself? It's it a mind numbing grindfest? 

User Friendly ?/5 - Is it easy to set up/use? How is the user interface. Is there help available?

Usability ?/5 - Can you easily withdraw your earnings? Is the crypto earned viable and easily accessed/exchanged?

My score ?/5 - This is based on my opinion and my experiences and other miscellaneous things.


5th Place

Lets start off with LBRY or now known as Odysee. This video viewing platform rewards it's viewers in the LBC crypto for watching videos! Does Youtube do this? It's easy to use interface and steady rewards allow for a smooth and rewarding experience. 


Gains 4/6                User Friendly 5/5

Reliability 4/5                 Usability 4/5

Entertainment 5/5          My score 5/5

Notable points : The most impressive thing is the decentralized format and censorship resistant platform. As a viewer the rewards are fair but as a content creator the rewards are exceptional. The viewing experience is smooth, but on occasion I can experience buffering and lag. Total score 27/31

4th Place

Next is our very own Publish0x. What a wonderful place filled with passionate crypto writers and constant information and crypto intrigue. I'm on here daily and it always leads me into a new project or crypto. You (the community) is what makes Publish0x so great. Publish0x is a blogging platform that rewards readers and bloggers in various crypto.


Gains 5/6                   User Friendly 5/5

Reliability 5/5                    Usability 4/5

Entertainment 4/5            My score 5/5

Notable points : Publish0x is a great way to make a side hustle for people who like to blog and blog frequently, especially about crypto. When you pair it with and other platforms for creator content it adds up quickly. The gains are limited if you only read. The information gained has value tho. The only other drawback here is the timed release of earnings. I understand that it is there to cut gas costs so we can keep this great site up and running. It still may turn off some people regardless.

3rd Place

Coinbase Exchange.  Every time Coinbase adds a new coin to their earn program it is literally spammed all over the internet. There is a reason behind this. It's very profitable to use it. The value isn't just monetary. It has educational value as well. 


Gains 6/6               User Friendly 5/5 

Reliability 4/5                 Usability 5/5

Entertainment 4/5         My score 5/5

Notable Points: While the Coinbase earn program may be profitable. It has some drawbacks. A centralized exchange with KYC may turn some people away. Additionally it has a reputation of the exchange service being unavailable when key price fluctuations happen. It's easy to use interface draws many in. However the fees are not noteworthy.

2nd Place

Brave Browser. This browser is my favorite browser it's fast, efficient and you can earn crypto passively while using it. I use it for 99% of the things I browse. It rewards the user in BAT (an erc20) which has decent value and can be used for a bunch of things. You can also tip anyone in Bat that has it enabled. 


Gains 5/6              User Friendly 5/5

Reliability 5/5               Usability 5/5

Entertainment 4/5       My Score 5/5

Notable Points: Brave browser can stand up against the best browsers out there even without earning a crypto reward. You can incorporate most of the browser extensions from chrome and when you use it to earn other crypto it's rewards add up. Add in something like Presearch (a browser extension that lets you earn crypto every time you use it to search) you can earn crypto on top of crypto on top of crypto. The monthly payments and auto deposit into the native Uphold wallet (which requires KYC) maybe be a drawback for some however. For those seeking an alternative browser and earn Bitcoin while doing it. Try CryptoTab Browser

1st Place

And the winner is...... Axie Infinity! This game blows my mind! Even better it pumps my bags! This game is exciting to play, exciting to breed and exciting to earn. It has a huge community and is IMO is the best crypto game out there. You use Axie (NFTs) to play PVE and PVP content and earn SLP (erc20) This SLP can be sold or used to breed to Axie. Future plans include land gameplay (land also being an NFT), AXS token to stake and earn part of the breeding (and other) profits and using the AXS to take part in governance. Making the game more decentralized. It's a leader in the space and I'm very excited to see where it goes in the future!


Gains 6/6              User Friendly 4/5

Reliability 5/5               Usability 5/5

Entertainment 5/5       My Score 5/5

Notable Points: In the year 2020 it was where I made my biggest gains. Even when I increased my collection of Axie instead of selling them all. I could have made more if I didn't enjoy this game and invest more back into it. The Devs continue to improve the game and there have been multiple huge partnerships made with Axie Infinity. This game has exciting things in it's future. The is one drawback. Onboarding new users can be expensive and it stops many from joining. Even though the community has come together and started a scholarship program in the Axie Discord to help new users start for free and make enough to create their own team. I'm sure Axie Infinity would even be more popular than it is now it they had their own native system to onboard new users for free.

Well folks, there ya have it. My top 5 ways to earn Crypto in 2020 and going forward into 2021. I did indeed take the future potential into account. 

Do you agree with my list? Does the rating system need adjustment? Did I forget a major project?(Keep in mind I only reviewed projects I've used before. sorry Splinterlands). You have a list of your own? Please comment below. I usually reply to engaging comments. 

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Until Next time, Get claiming!

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Earning Crypto with no cost.

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