Phoneum's Evolution- This coin worth it or just a good way to kill time?

Since I first started collecting Phonuem I'll be the first to admit I have not made much value in it's cryptocurrency. 

The first App I install was it's cloud miner and I've hardly made a cpl dollars. However I've spent about 1 min a week so it was no bother.

As I've collected from the cloud mining app I've gotten announcements and updates that they've added such and such games.  


Until recently I was unaware that they've amassed 8 different apps in which to earn their crypto. (PHM)

Not only that 3 of the apps Or main apps that the other 5 loosely connect with allow you to earn other cryptos! Some big and prominent and some lesser known ones.




My goal on my Youtube and in general is to help show people how to earn cryptocurrency at no cost or at very little cost.

There are all kinds of people who enjoy all kinds of things so while some may enjoy only enjoy 1 or 3 of these apps others may enjoy them all.


 While accumulating Phoneum may not make you rich and it's value is really low (0.000066 at the time of this writing). It's definitely making steps to become a more public and usable coin. It as a project has changed my opinion from this crap coin is'nt worth a dam but ill hit this button once a week to I'm going to have to keep an eye on what these guys are doing. Meanwhile i'll use these free apps to gather some coin along the way.I'm still not at the "I'm going to buy a little" Phase yet and far from "I'm going to invest."


Tell me what you think in the comments below. 


If you are more curious I actually made a video that briefly goes over each app and explains what is needed to acquire phoneum.  



For me I actually only have the time to use 3 of these apps as time and other projects keep me busy. I think it's a no brain way to kill a few minutes a day and earn a few bits of crypto a day. A great way for beginners to get into Crypto and a great way to earn a little bit on the side and if you want my opinion start with the cloud miner and progress from there.

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Hello, I'm Poorboycrypto and I host a Youtube channel among other content creations. My aim is to help others earn cryptocurrency for little to no cost by preforming various tasks. I inform anyone willing to listen/watch.

Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

In this section I go through several ways that you can earn crypto with 0-low cost incurred. We cover apps, faucets, games, staking and sites like this plus more...Join me in discovering ways the average person can join the crypto space while earning, learning and enjoying themselves while doing it.

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