Bitcoin Aliens. Can these Apps earn you Crypto?

Quick answer Yes. Long answer yes, but not much! There are 5 apps that I know of that are made by Bitcoin Aliens. 

1. Free Litecoin  2. Free Bitcoin Cash 3. Free Bitcoin 4. Alien Run 5. Blockchain

These games are kind of fun and do have some appeal aside from being able to earn you small amounts of crypto. They are kind of fun and exciting, tho are are fairly basic. However they do a good job at being basic. As usual I have videos explaining how they work. Not 1, not 2 but 3 videos showcasing how they work.


I'll explain how they work and it won't take long as the process and payout system is fairly easy. The 3 apps that earn you Bitcoin are all connected into 1 pool and once you hit the the withdraw limit. You get that deposited into your Coinbase account via email every Tuesday. These 3 games are 1. -Blockchain- A game where you click the button and line up the blocks. Every time your stack reaches intervals of 10 You can either claim your reward or progress farther. 2. - Alien Run- A side scrolling game where you must progress to the end of the level as you beat higher levels you earn more satoshi. 3. - Free Bitcoin- Best way to describe it is a spinner where you can watch ads to respin and possibly get higher rewards.

The other 2 are also spinner apps. You basically press the button and get a reward when the highlighted button stops on a reward. You can then take that reward or watch an Ad to get a possibly higher reward. Instead of being deposited into your Coinbase account these rewards are deposited into your Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash wallets respectively every Tuesday (assuming you hit the min withdraw limit). These two games are called Free Litecoin and Free Bitcoin Cash.

Additionally there is a referral system and you can earn 10% of the earnings that your referrals earn. (Mine are posted above or go to Google play if referral links are not your thing) In the end this won't get your rich. In fact you might earn more collecting bottles down your back alley. HAHA! However if your not this motivated, it pays to kill time with these apps.

If by some chance you don't have a Coinbase account yet to be able to deposit your earned Satoshi (as explained above). There is a button to open one inside the apps. However I highly suggest you use one of the many many Coinbase earn referral links floating around. You and the person earn $10.00 in crypto or more for signing up. They are literally everywhere. I'll even drop the 3 I have left.

Earn OXT                  Earn EOS             Earn XLM       


I think that about covers it. I do have other methods I go over on how to earn Crypto at no cost right here on Publish0x and additionally you can view my videos on these video platforms.

Poorboycrypto YouTube     Poorboycrypto Bittube      Poorboycrypto LBRY

Until Next time, Get claiming!

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Earning Crypto with no cost.
Earning Crypto with no cost.

In this section I go through several ways that you can earn crypto with 0-low cost incurred. We cover apps, faucets, games, staking and sites like this plus more...Join me in discovering ways the average person can join the crypto space while earning, learning and enjoying themselves while doing it.

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