How To Stake Zil Using Atomic Wallet - Earn 17% Yearly + Compounding + Gzil

By EarneyBitcoin | EarneyBitcoin | 16 Apr 2021

In this article i wanted to show you how to stake Zilliqa using Atomic Wallet, you can earn 17% yearly profit plus you can compound daily if you hold enough tokens, on top of earning Gzil each time you claim your staking rewards.


Zil is a blockchain platform for building decentralized applications similar to ethereum, it's got a marketcap of around 2-4 billion and has an amazing amount of new applications and partnerships on the platform which constantly create new uses for Zil.

Zil token works on POS mining - proof of stake mining. This means by holding the ZIL tokens in your wallet you are mining the coin, and the more tokens you hold the more zil you can mine. Simply by holding ZIL and other tokens in your atomic wallet you can mine real cryptocurrency and earn profit is a decentralized manner.

Here is a look at my own account, i have already earned 41 ZIL and can claim this anytime, it's one of the easiest ways to mine cryptocurrency without having to have expensive hardware and if the zil price continues to increase the daily profits will be much higher.



To earn profit by mining Zil, all you need to do is download atomic wallet and deposit zil into your account.

Then visit the staking area, and you will see a list of different coins you can stake. Click on ZIL, and then you will see the staking area as shown below.

You can claim the rewards with the click of a button, and to start staking simply click the stake button.



You need a minimum of 10 ZIL to stake along with the network fee of around 6-7 ZIL, and it's best to leave zil for long periods of time to build up more coins to cover all the fees and still make a good profit.


If you want some free zil to play around i am doing ZIL airdrops in my telegram channel for then next 48 hours and will give out random tips to users who install the software and help me promote it!


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