EARN 2.5 USDT every day

By petruboom | CryptoFree | 15 Sep 2020


 Good morning, today I will show you how with an application to earn about 2.5 USDT every day.


How to earn USDT?

  • Register from the link I put: https://bit.ly/2FlFAjT (registration without the invitation link does not work, I myself took a test).
  • After registration you will see a screen where you can download the application.
  • Now we have to acquire our verification on the platform. like? we use our own identification document. For example, I used Id card, you can also use your passport.


  • Your documents will be checked within a couple of days. but we can already immediately go through the daily procedure to earn our USDT.


  • We type start order and wait 5 seconds, then we confirm, now we risk star order and every 5 seconds we confirm (procedure that must be performed 30 times a day).

From September 17th the minimum withdrawal of USDT from the application will be 15 USDT, also when you withdraw ... 3 USDT will be deducted from the sum as commission (fees)

How to withdraw our USDT?

I personally use Binance because it is very convenient, and after that I can exchange the coin for many other interesting coins.



I leave the link for those who need Binance https://bit.ly/3hNaaAB

P.S when you log in to your account from the application, you do not need to enter the telephone code of the country but only the telephone number without the code.

Excellent referal system, I recommend to those who can share the platform as much as possible.


The way to the stars 🚀 🌌

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I share sites and applications where you can earn cryptocurrencies without investments https://t.me/guadagnasenzainvestimenti

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