Floyx | Earn some extra bucks for reading? Reality Check

If you are a big fan of publish0x and also enjoy blogging or reading a different kind of content then you should check out Floyx. I stumbled upon floyx a month ago and when I saw the engagement between authors and readers it was quite aggressive or to say a bit on the brighter side but soon I realised that it's not all that is happeneing here.


It is a similar kind of platform for blogging and provides rewards to its users for reading and posting content. But in addition to it, floyx also provides you some daily tasks for which you can earn some extra bucks, and to be honest, this is floyx USP but sadly it is also degrading the platform. I'll explain later.

The community is quite similar and it'll keep growing every day. You can write absolutely about anything you want on floyx and everybody can write until you are not copying or practicing some unethical activities. There's no need to get approval from some higher authority or regulating party. Now that sounds quite decentralized but the platform follows a quite similar trend of blockchain, cryptocurrency, trading, and Defi-related content taking the charts. This is because most of the users are interested in this type of content. But it totally depends on you, nobody is forcing you.

Well, the structure is quite similar, someone posts an article, you read it and if you liked it, you could tip the author in the same fashion of 20-80%. No need to worry, tips come from their reward pool.  You can also write a post(much like Twitter) if you have something short to share. After reading a post or article you can also comment, share, or like(upvotes) articles and you'll receive rewards. Yes, that's right, floyx provide you daily tasks of liking or commenting on some articles or post and on completion you'll get rewards.




You can tip a total of 10 articles daily with each tip of $0.01, which will be splitting into $0.002 to the author and $0.008 to the reader by default but you could change the share of tip if you want to. You'll get 2 daily tasks worth $0.05 each(that's $0.1 daily). The number of daily tasks could change and the reward for them also. Just a few days ago there used to be 3 daily tasks worth $0.1. I'll explain later?
Rewards will be received in USD, which means the amount of your rewards will remain the same till withdrawn. This is because the rewards will be withdrawn in OK (OKCash) and as you can see once withdrawn the amount will start to fluctuate following the price of OK.

The minimum amount which you can withdraw is $5 in your OKCash Wallet


It's time to address the issues on the platform and more insight into the above-mentioned scenarios. These are my personal opinions and might not go hand to hand with anyone else out there. Daily tasks, that's where it all begins, because you are getting paid for doing some robust task daily which might sound similar because it is. Yeah, probably faucets work the similar way and I'm not a big fan of faucets. And to achieve these rewards users just comment or like articles without even reading them which degrades the platform. I know this because I was doing the same thing at the time. And it's quite obvious because the reward for these tasks are much higher than tips.

Just 10 days before the reward for each daily task was $0.1 but to encounter the problem they reduced it to $0.01 per task and till then we were recieving 3 daily tasks. And now they have increased the reward to $0.05 per task but we are receiving only two daily tasks.

Honestly, this will not be able to solve the problem, although it could stop it for some time. And this also kind of violates the whole point of decentralization. But the team at floyx has already announced that things are in development and they will be implementing some more ways to earn on platform which includes a referral program(write now there's no referral program available) and I think after that the whole point of rewards could vanish. Atleast they will implement something will way more productive than these rewards.

At the end

Well, after all it's shortcomings and the perks floyx offers, I'm stiil considering it for my post to see the result of efforts development team is putting in.
But it all depends on you and don't forget to do your own research before taking any action.

And if you are planning to join floyx then don't forget to follow me at @cryptovial/floyx.

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