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"One Crypto for each person" this may be the motto of FBX. the initial idea of ​​faucet sites was to bring the public closer to a given project and its technology, offering small parts of that project, initially with BItcoin where it was possible to get faucets of up to BTC 0.01 at the time. With the increasing appreciation of cryptocurrencies, it became impossible to maintain the liquidity of faucets. With that in mind we created the FBX TOKEN, it works by generating direct liquidity for the FaucetBox, through a renewable POOL and allowing the purchase of New Faucets. Yes, we all know that today's $ 0.02 faucet can cost $ 100 tomorrow, and we hope so, as the payment amount for the faucet will always be fixed for the faucetBox. has a system to increase the liquidity that is the user pool, every faucet caught is added a copy of it in the pool, every 48 hours this pool restarts and these faucets are paid to its users, to qualify in the pool It is necessary to send 1000 FBX to the FaucetBox vault, this token will be in custody for one year, and with that it will increase its liquidity and its value will increase. After one year you will receive all your tokens in your wallet.

This is one of the ways to make the site economically sustainable, generating daily revenue for you and creating liquidity in your newest token, after all these tokens that cost 5 dollars today, can be 5k in some months. In addition, after some goals have been achieved, we will be unlocking some features for the site.



We will offer real-life casino solutions, such as Dice, Poker, Crash Games, lotteries and more, over time.


In addition, with time we want to include fbx in some technologies that do not exist in the end user market.
Our team has been working with online gaming and casino solutions for many years. We as developers have always tried to create a bridge of easy access for users, transforming daily tasks that are increasingly automated. Fbx was born from this idea, to give the NORMAL user the change of having their own game, their own casino, without having to use any code and still have TOTAL control over their tools.
Making games and economic environments aimed at the end user is our mission.


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