How to Get Free XTZ From The Tezos Foundation Faucet

How to Get Free XTZ From The Tezos Foundation Faucet

Tezos (XTZ) by the Tezos Foundation is a stakeable altcoin cryptocurrency that earns you more coins as long as you have it staked. While most of you already know that, many of you may not know that the Tezos Foundation recently launched a testing XTZ faucet from which users can receive "real (mainnet)" 0.02 XTZ -- which, at the time of posting, worth around $0.06. You can only 'drink' from the faucet once per week, however it'll add up eventually if you consider the staking rewards you could be getting.

According to the official faucet page:

This faucet allows developers and users to request Tezos tokens (tez) to be used on the Tezos main network. This is real (mainnet) tez and has a market value. Please drink responsibly.

For those who want to check out this faucet, here is the link:


Support the Tezos network and get some free spare change for yourself. 


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