The Most Producing Android Bitcoin Mining Application 2019

By Chou Tzu-yu | Earn Free Bitcoin | 8 Sep 2019

Smartphones are not currently a prestigious item used for gaming and social media. But behind the ability of a smart phone, we can benefit without having to damage it. One of the best Bitcoin-producing applications on Anroid is 2018-2019.

What are the capabilities of a smartphone that we can use? In general, smartphones are used for business purposes. Among them are establishing relationships with customers through social media. The most is to get paid from the application by watching. And the latter is rarely used, which uses bitcoin mining applications on Android and iPhone.


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Mining is an activity of mining cryptocurrency which was previously mined through a computer. As technology develops, the use of gadgets also enlivens the pool mining. Moreover, the processor used in high-class gadgets, can speed up getting coins. There are several best ways to take advantage of smartphones that are no longer in use. Usually because of the small screen size, then no longer used. This phone can be used and is useful for getting crypto.

Mining Bitcoin Android Application

How do we make it easy to maximize cell phones that are not used, or rarely used? Minergate is a mining application that provides mining through smart phones. In this app there are several crypto currencies that can be chosen to be mined. This app will use the processor contained in the cellphone to make coins. Settings are also available ranging from Low, Medium and High.

If the phone is not used for activities, use the High setting, but it will quickly drain the battery. If you use a cellphone, then simply set Low. What coins are chosen for mining on mobile phones? Choose Monero (XMR) coins because they sell the highest value in their class.

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Why not mine bitcoin on mobile? Some apps that offer bitcoin mining on mobile phones definitely use Monero's cryptonote algorithm. The Monero coins obtained are then converted to Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is currently only possible through computers with high graphics cards. At least you need capital of 30 million per mining rig.

So, the most potentially producing crypto currency on Android is Monero coins. It is a very long time to collect Monero coins, but there are practical ways that you can earn in the long run. The following explanation can be used as income and long-term investment.

On the Minergate website cloud mining is available, meaning we rent mining equipment for Monero and Bitcoin. This rental fee is only paid once, then we just sit back and receive income every month. Because operational and maintenance costs will be deducted from the coins generated, so we no longer pay anything. Enough to pay, the results of the automated mining of Monero and Bitcoin will continue for years. We will get an estimated profit sharing of 60 percent, while 40 percent will be used for operations.

This website only provides cloud mining for Bitcoin and Monero. Cloud mining equipment is limited, so one day it may be closed. The price is also not expensive, bitcoin cloud mining starts at 5 dollars, and Monero is 11 dollars. The results of the coins obtained later can be reinvested to improve cloud mining. For those interested in bitcoin mining applications on Android, you must register for free at Minergate .

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