How to earn money with crypto without any initial investment

By Frosttag | Earning money with crypto | 11 May 2021

In this post I will talk about how to earn crypto without making any initial investment. I'll avoid these very low earning faucets or survey apps that are really not worth your time. That being said, making crypto without an initial investment is slower, but, there are a couple of ways to make some fast money, this money can then be re-invested.

Make sure to use the links provided in this article, usually there is some sort of a bonus/benefit for you if you use them.

1. Coinbase learn


Quick money

The easiest way too make quick money in my opinion, make an account and go to the section coinbase earn. You earn money by answering some questions (very easy, doesn't take long). How much you earn exactly depends on what's available at that time. I earned $32 in just a couple of minutes. For more information, I made an entire post about this, which you can find by clicking here.

If you would ever have money to invest you will also get $10 on your first $100 purchase (if you signed up with the link in this post).

2. Browsing


Stable passive income

Earn money just by browsing, sounds awesome right? Well, Brave browser makes this possible!

I earn around $5 per month just by using this browser, really easy. If you are wondering how brave earns money, they will actually show you ads onec in a while, they are pretty subtle and I don't find them annoying at all. You can also change the settings as to how many ads you will see. On top of that brave blocks other (annoying) ads that won't earn you anything automatically. Aso, it's a very solid browser, better than chrome if you ask me.

3. Gaming


Earn money by gaming

A better alternative to crypto faucets are crypto games. They actually earn more money on the spot and these assets/coins have the potential to rise a lot in value. I've been putting quite a bit of time in comparing these games and came up with a very simple short list of the best options:

Alien worlds

Alien worlds is a very solid and easy way to start earning crypto by gaming. At the very first stages of the game all you wil have to do is "mine" (clicking a button) every couple of minutes. In time, you can buy better gear and discover the other possibiltles in this game. I keep this running when I'm doing other stuff, so it feels pretty passive. I make around $2 a day by playing this game, but I'm also in the very early stages, the better I get, the more I will earn.


Splinterlands is my personal favourite blockchain game. Once you get into it, it's a lot of fun and the fact that you wil earn money on the side is even better! It's a card game where you battle other people and get rewarded in crypto for every game that you win. Also, you can win cards and packs every day. So far I have earned around $30 with this game and I have been playing for a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that I'm still a beginner, the better I get, the more I will earn!

So this game does cost $10 before you can actually get started, but since you can earn $10 by doing the other stuff on this list I still consider this as something you can get into without the need to invest.

Rising Star

Rising star is another straightforward game where you can start earning without needing any investment whatsoever. At the early stages of the game it is pretty similar to Alien Worlds, even though it's a completely different setting.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained Is another card game, but it's still pretty different from splinterlands, it's a lot closer to hearthstone. The good thing about this game is that they give $20 worth of ethereum (at least at the time of writing) after completing a couple of simple tasks.

Crypto Cards

Crypto Cards is a mobile app that's actually been paying really well. You can spin the wheel, play a game and watch some ads every 24 hours, you will receive crypto and cards (which you can sell for crypto). Maybe not the most unique game ever, but it pays pretty well.

Make sure to use my invitation code 4ygn9hr5 to get 200xp and 200PHT (cryto) as a welcome bonus!

4. Cointiply


More than just a faucet

Next up: Cointiply! Okay, so I had to include at east one faucet-like application, right? Well cointiply also has some offers that actually pay pretty wel, this can be offers in the form of reach level X in game Y.

Next to that there are various ways to earn some coins, watch ads, roll the faucet, fill in surveys. These don't pay very well, but it adds up over time.

I have earned around $24 with cointiply over the course of a couple of months. However, I don't spend a lot of time on it, I just open it occasionally.

5. Stormgain


Free cloud mining

Stormgain comes with a free cloud mining too, which means that all you have to do is press a button every 4 hours and mining will happen somewhere in the cloud. The mining income (at the time of writing) is around $18 per month. However, since you wont be able to press the button every 4 hours, it will actually be closer to $12.

This $12 cannot be withdrawn, they are actually funds that you can use to start future trading, the profits from these trades can be withdrawn. This is a bit of a drawback, but overall it still has the potential to earn quite a bit of money.

6. Publish0x

Earn money by writing

In case you do not have an account yet on Publish0x, I highly recommend you would do so! If you like to write stuff about your crypto experiences you can make quite a bit of money. However, if you just like to read articles you can also earn a few bucks. This might not be that much, it's still a lot better than a faucet and definitely a nice one to include in your crypto earning assortment.

Same goes for many dApps on hive so make sure to join hive!

7. Honeygain

Earn money by sharing your internet

Honeygain is probably the most passive way to earn money. It won't make you reach over night, but it will add a few dollars to the bank every month. Unless you need to limit the usage of your data it's definitely worth a look!



There are many ways to start earning money online with crypto, even without an initial investment. However, most of these earnings can't compete vs the earnings you would get when you do invest some money in crypto. Therefore, I would recommend to reinvest the earnings, just so you can get that snowball effect.

Make sure to sign up for the biggest exchanges if you haven't done so already, since you will also need accounts here to trade or cash out! (See below for links to Binance & Kucoin).

That sums it up! I hope this list of some of my favourite crypto earning apps/sites is helpful for you. You might not become a millionaire overnight, but it's definitely possible to earn an additional $100 every month - or more if you actively play games. When you reinvest that $100 in crypto or in games, this number will grow every month!


Signup links:

Binance - biggest crypto exchange with low fees

Kucoin - exchange partner publish0x

Publish0x - in case you are not signed up yet, don't hesitate! Earn money just by reading articles (earnings are actually decent).



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Earning money with crypto
Earning money with crypto

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