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I have been playing around with various different ways to earn money online. I have played around with passive income as well with a more active approach (and everything in-between).

When looking back at all those months where I have been trying to find the best income sources online, there was one source that made me very fast and easy money. So where did I find this source? You might know about this or you might be surprised, it's called "Coinbase Earn".

Now coinbase might have a pretty bad reputation because of the high fees, but Coinbase Earn oin it's own is pretty generous for sure. If you already have an account, you will earn around $30 in just a couple of minutes. Keep reading this short article and you wil figure out exactly what to do.

Side note: the amount of money that you can earn at any given time can vary a lot. However, this program will continue to push new opportunities, so even after you have done all the initial earning opportunities you can still come back and see if there are any new offerings every month or so.

Sign up for coinbase

First things first, if you do not have a coinbase account yet, you wil have to signup. You can do this using my link:

If you use my link, we will actually both earn $10 dollars in bitcoin if you would ever decide to purchase crypto at coinbase for at least $100. It's a nice bonus of 10%, but if you are not up for it, you don't have to spend a dime to get to that free money.

However, you might have to wait a bit for account verification. 

Earn crypto while learning


"Earn crypto while learning" sounds pretty good right? So, how does it work exactly? It's simple:

1. Go to the homepage and scroll al the way down, until you see a a title "Earn free crypto with Coinbase Earn", press the button underneath this title.

2. You see a list of projects now, you can also see how much you will earn. The lowest I have earned was $3 and the highest $9, not bad for a minute's work. Now, when you press on one of the projects, you will see that there are a couple of lessons, every lesson will end with a little quiz, if you answer correctly, the money is earned in the related cryptocurrency.

3. Watching the lessons and taking the quiz is easy and doesn't take long at all. However, you could simply find the answers online, making this even more profitable for the time that you spend. That being said, you are supposed to earn only if you learn, so I would highly recommend to be fair and simply watch the lessons as it was meant to be.

4. DONE! You don't have to take any other actions, the cryptocurrencies will be transferred to your account, it's up to you whether or not you just want to HODL them on Coinbase or want to transfer them immediately. Because I ended up with a lot of smaller currencies, I decided to HODL them, sure enough they have gained at least 50% over the last couple of weeks.


It might not make you a millionaire, but it really is the easiest -no bullshit- way to earn a quick buck at the time of writing. I have tried many alternatives like faucets, games, internet sharing tools...

These can also be good, but it either doesn't pay fast or it doesn't pay a lot.

Sure, I'm not comparing this to staking or lending crypto or anything like, because you already need capital to begin with. I'm talking about earning money when you start from zero.

If you are interested in more online earning opportunities, make sure to check out my blog "Earning money with crypto" on Publish0x, where you can expect more similar posts!


Signup links:

Binance - biggest crypto exchange with low fees

Kucoin - exchange partner publish0x

Publish0x - in case you are not signed up yet, don't hesitate! Earn money just by reading articles (earnings are actually decent).

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Earning money with crypto
Earning money with crypto

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