Earn Extra ZEN coin for using BRAVE
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Earn Extra ZEN coin for using BRAVE

By bdk81 | Earn Cryptocurrency | 18 Mar 2020

Dear all,

As many of you know that horizen global supported zencash token has its official faucet where users can claim a fraction of zen coin every 20 hours. You can also earn up to 1 ZEN for every 5 days period if you continuously claim rewards.

How to register?

You can register using your social media accounts or a gmail address/password. Next thing you need is a ZEN wallet address to receive your zen token instantly. To create your zen coin wallet address for free, please click here.

MAKE SURE you CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL!!! Email verification


Multiply Earnings

There is 3 ways to increase your reward amount. First one is continuous claim. Every day you claim, your payout amount will increase up to 2x by the end of 5th day. Second way to increase payout is connecting your social meadia accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). The third way is using BRAVE browser. Using brave while collecting faucet rewards will increase payouts 20% every time. Go ahead and start earning now.




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Earn Cryptocurrency
Earn Cryptocurrency

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