Blockfolio Application - Profit!!

By LordWolf | Crypto Starting | 12 Mar 2021

Oh yeah!!! 

At 6 March I decided to deposit 10$ at Blockfolio and bought some Chiliz.

For some people maybe is not a good investment but I'm feeling that CHZ will increase a lot in the future especially when this virus ends (Covid-19).

Why? People who go to the stadium and those who support FCB PSG etc maybe they will be able to buy their tickets with CHZ buying their merch with CHZ and more.

Now I will talk about my first investment if I can call it an investment (10$ I can't afford to put more)

After being playing with Blockfolio App selling at least 10$ to receive a coin worth to 0.04 I have received too Matic coin that was worth to 0.30$ but being disappointed by that and felling I was losing my money I have decided to bought CHZ (yesterday) and HOLD them today when I wake up I see my deposit amount 10$ it's worth now 31.14$ 😳

You all know that I don't know a sh** about Crypto even now I don't know if I sell it to get that profit out or if I keep them and hold it. If you guys ca' give me a tip(what to do with CHZ at this moment) or something else I will be very grateful.

Have a nice day everyone I will put my video where I show the profit and the errors I made selling it to other coins and losing some money. And sorry for my English

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