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By kingsuniverse | Earn Crypto and more | 30 May 2021


What is Hashkings? 

It is a marijuana based farm game on the HIVE blockchain.  Where players produce buds, hkwater, seeds, joints, and mota.  These are the tokens and nfts to the game. Each play their part.


Players buy plots from the marketplace NFTm.artNFTm.art is the current nft marketplace to buy nfts for hashkings.  You also need a avatar to play.  Otherwise you get a white screen error and won't see anything when you start up the game.  There are other aspects to the game such as smoking the joints to level up.  You need to level up to be able to create more powerful joints.  Which give you more xp.  You burn buds to create the different rolled joints.  The higher your level and the higher you can level up your water towers.  Buds are produced from "planting" seeds on your plots, which will make them "occupied".  When planting you will need to provide enough hkwater over the days so the seed will produce buds.  Each land plot is a little different from each other.  All use certain seeds which cost different amounts of water.  HKwater and Buds are produced every day when the timer reaches 23:59 UTC.  How much hikwater it produces depends on what level water tower you have.   To obtain MOTA, you can buy on hive-engine or you can burn some bud.  When you burn the bud you get a portion of the MOTA created for that day.  1000 MOTA is being issued everyday for the amount of buds that are burned in the pool by all users.  When you Stake MOTA, you get seeds as well at the end of the day timer.  


HashKings Levels

Hashkings Level


Seeds water needs

How much water you need to produce bud from each seed.

Seed drop rates

The drop rates for every plot that is distributed at 23:59 UTC if 5000 plots or less are occupied.

Seed Bud Production

The Amount of time it takes to produce bud and how much you will receive.

Water Tower Production

Water Tower Levels

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Earn Crypto and more

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