Is the honest? Read the answer (My personal experience)!

Is the honest? Read the answer (My personal experience)!

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 10 Oct 2020

Write, then write, and publish, then publish!

Writing is a wonderful act.. great pleasure for those who love it.

So you have to write and then write... Never stop writing... This is an exercise for you to become better...

You must be written and developed, what you write must also be published continuously ... and in more than one place...

I mean that you publish your articles in more than one publishing site and platform, such as Publish0x,, Uptrennd, and others... All of these accept to publish articles that you have previously published elsewhere.. provided that is yours of course.

In this way, you can increase your readers and followers.. and thus your profits will increase from your writing, especially if it is distinguished and interesting writings for your readers.

I previously talked about Publish0x... and in this article, I am talking about and my personal experience with it to answer a question that occupies the thinking of all those working in the field of profit from writing and reading: Is site honest?


Profit from writing and reading!

If you have started your journey to profit from reading and writing then this is beautiful... If you have not started yet.. do not be late... I will tell you how my journey began, and you may benefit from it:

1- I started publishing on the Publish0x platform, which is a comfortable platform, and working on it is easy and does not impose complicated requirements for obtaining profit.. it is sufficient for you to read to win.. and if you write, your profits will increase more .. and you are not required to pay anything.. and this is the best thing about it.. you are As a reader, you give the writer a percentage of the tip and you get another... The tip is completely granted to you from the Publish0x platform, meaning that you do not pay anything.. rather, you always win just for reading or writing.. and this is really cool.. it encourages reading and writing together.

2- After that, I began to expand in publishing, so I subscribed to Uptrennd, but I did not find the simplicity and ease found in Publish0x... I will talk about it in detail in another article.


3- After things settled down for me in Publish0x and Uptrennd, a new phase of expansion in publishing began, and was the site I chose for this stage.

I registered on the site on September 25th and faced a slight problem at the beginning of publishing related to re-publishing my articles on Publish0x and it took about three full days before I could resume publishing again...

It is useful to clarify that the profit from is very different from the profit from Publish0x and Uptrennd because on these two sites you do not need to pay anything from your balance to the writer whose article you like... But in you will not get anything if the reader does not pay you From his credit... this is very difficult and makes getting a profit from publishing your article much more difficult than Publish0x and Uptrennd...

But do not worry... There is a way to give you tips by means of a robot (which is artificial intelligence) that grants published articles random tips based on the volume of interaction with it and its reading...

This robot certainly will not be fair All the time... He himself talks about 88% accuracy .. and you may unfortunately be among the 12% that the robot ignores or does not pay attention to!

I will not talk much about this... I will publish a full article on this Mr. Robot at a later time...


What do you know about website?

Before presenting you with evidence of the veracity of, I will first ask you: Do you know anything about

I will not explain much to you what the site is... You will find more pleasure in discovering everything yourself .. but I will tell you the important information about the site...

* started in August 2018 (according to Netcraft).

* The number of site members (as of writing this article) is 33,713 users.

* On August 31, the number of articles published on the site during the day reached 3491.


The question now: Is honest ?! What is the evidence?

Is the site honest? This is the question I asked in the title of my article... And the answer to it is easy: yes.. site is honest.

Do you need proof?

I think that there is no better proof of the honesty of the site than the proof of withdrawal... right?

I will present to you two proofs of withdrawal from the site... And I hope you remember that I registered on the site on September 25th... This information is important...

If you did not know... the site gives tips in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash only... It is true that your balance on the site appears in Dollars, but in fact it is in Bitcoin Cash and what appears to you is just the equivalent of this well-known cryptocurrency...


Therefore, I will tell you the amount that I withdrew at the end of last October 3 (that is, after only about one week of registering on the site, of which three days were lost, as I mentioned)...

I withdrew the equivalent of $ 3.07 (0.01398771 Bitcoin Cash)... I received the amount on My Payeer Account on October 4, 2020, as it passed 12 am, and so we entered a new day!

As for the second withdrawal, it was equivalent to $ 1.38 (0.00623724 Bitcoin Cash), and the amount reached my Payeer account also on October 7, 2020... that is, approximately three days after the first withdrawal.


Don't worry if you don't get something.. keep writing and publishing

My words do not mean that once you register and within one week you will get 4 dollars or more... This is not true.. although it happened to me... But for example, I did not get anything about the last three articles that I published on the site... As I mentioned to you the tips are given by an artificial intelligence robot randomly...

The important thing is that you do not make a mistake that causes the robot to stop giving you any tips or put you on its blacklist... This means that you will not get any tips from him after that!

Therefore, before you start publishing, you must read all the instructions for the site and Mr. Robot in order to avoid making mistakes that could prevent you from the tip forever!

Ahmed Zaki
Ahmed Zaki

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