How to Plant your Coins in the Ghost Land without being devoured by an angry Zombie ?!

How to Plant your Coins in the Ghost Land without being devoured by an angry Zombie ?!

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 16 Nov 2020

Can cryptocurrencies be implanted?

Yes, you can plant them and wait for it to grow and bear fruit in order to reap the crop and achieve the profit you seek.

You can do this if you choose the right land to cultivate.


Stay away from the ghost land full of zombies who chase humans to eat them until they turn into zombies like them and search for another human to devour them!

Find a safe land to plant your coins.

Like Harvest Land, for example... It is like a dreamland in which you plant your coins and then reap the profits and gains from a bumper and lucrative crop!


Imagine with me that you wanted to cultivate your currencies so that you could get a big crop that would bring you profits...

And you went to rent a land without knowing that it was Scam land .. And after you used your tractor to level the land and prepare it for agriculture, and you planted your coins in it and watered it, suddenly ghosts appeared to you from afar .. and when you approached, you discovered that it was a zombie !!


Will you wait for it to eat you and eat everything around it, or will you flee from it and leave your land under its control and bemoan your currencies, your crops, and your lost profits ?!

If I were you, I would flee from it quickly, fearing that it would eat me ..

And I will continue to regret that I did not properly choose the land on which to grow my crop of cryptocurrencies.


Then you have to choose the land in which you will plant first .. to get a big profit.

Choose Harvest Finance Land to get you a safe plot of land in which to plant your coins and harvest the wonderful crop that brings you amazing profits!


At Harvest Finance Land, you can get the highest return available from the latest DeFi protocols as the returns received are optimized using the latest farming technology.

You have to know that FARM is the cash flow symbol of Harvest, one of the largest and most important independent hedge funds.


fDAI, fUSDC, fWBTC are the yield-bearing versions of these assets, which are being automatically farmed by the harvest algorithm.

These assets are automatically appreciating, and you can redeem them at any time for DAI, USDC, wBTC.


But how is that done? The summary of the command is as Harvest confirms:

Gas prices have been really high, and it was expensive to farm by ourselves, so we pooled our funds together to try to save on gas. We decided to build the solution that we were looking for ourselves, and hopefully will help many others.


Try to make your work in cultivating your land enjoyable to get a great harvest and pleasant profits.
Even if you do not understand agriculture, do not worry... You can invest your money in the profitable crops on Harvest land...
Personally, I do not fully understand agriculture but I am seriously considering investing some of my coins in this lucrative land.

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