How to avoid deleting your account and articles on Publish0x? (A special and exclusive experience!)

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 22 Aug 2020

Before you read...

I have been working in journalism as a hobbyist since 1987 and have been working as a professional since 1996.
I have worked in a large number of newspapers, whether in my country or outside my country (as a reporter)...

Actually, my work was not only as a news reporter .. but I was working as a drafting editor because I am good at my language and writing in a professional journalistic style.

We have in the journalistic work that I can re-publish paragraphs from an article or a book or the like within my article... 

I can also re-publish an entire article with the aim of commenting on it or criticizing it or just informing readers of what is useful to them.

This is a necessary introduction before entering my topic, or more precisely, my bitter experience, which will end well if you were reading this article on my blog in Publish0x, but if you were reading it elsewhere, this means the matter has not been resolved until now!

(It finished well with the proof that you are reading my article right here now!)


Terms of Publication on Publish0x

As a result of my journalistic background and my work in this field for many years, as well as my work in publishing as a consultant for a major publishing house .. I did not find a problem using an article from another website.

I saw that its writer expected an increase in the price of Ethereum reached $ 370, so I wrote about his article and put a link to his page on the site, and another link to the site itself, and a picture of the article and I republished the article to benefit readers who do not know this site or did not read the article referred to...

All this is in accordance with the publishing rules and conditions in my journalistic work .. but unfortunately from the point of view and the publishing rules in Publish0x, it is considered a violation of the conditions that I was supposed to have read when I signed up for the site...

Although it is normal in such a case, and according to the site’s own conditions, for the article to be deleted... However, what happened was more severe and perhaps violent (as an analogy!)

My account as an author has been removed !!


Offer the most benefit to the reader

In order to gain the confidence of your readers, you must achieve the greatest possible benefit for them .. This is the rule...

Therefore, I try to provide the most benefit to the reader so that he begins to follow me and trust what I write...

When I receive an email from a site that I subscribe to it advising me to take certain measures to secure my accounts on the Internet and detect phishing attempts, I was writing an article in which I included the site’s advice sent to me...

I think that is a legal matter in which there is nothing because what I receive On my mail, it becomes my property to act on it as I wish, especially since I refer to the name of the site in the address and in the text...

I did this with two messages, one from Skrill Bank and the other from the eToro platform.. but it seems this has angered the Publish0x team because they thought I took this from the aforementioned sites and not from my email...


Read the Publish0x terms well and stick to them

I was very shocked by the action that Publish0x... was taken against me .. I do not deny this .. and I can say that I am still shocked... But in the end, each site has full freedom to take the measures that it thinks will bring it to benefit .. and every site is also free in Setting the conditions that he sees.

Therefore, dear, you should read the Publish0x terms carefully...

Of course, I will not republish anything, so that Publish0x does not consider me violating its intellectual rights !! Because I have copied the aforementioned paragraph without his permission!

This is not a joke... Rather, this is the reality that Publish0x imposes in dealing with its authors...

You cannot re-publish any content from any website unless you obtain its explicit consent on this matter!


Beware of copying and do not do business in good faith!

You must not deal in good faith.

You should carefully read the conditions of publishing in Publish0x...

Even if you read Publish0x rules before then read it again... It has been updated recently and has become more stringent than before... It now bears this title: 

Platform Rules - TOS and Code of Conduct

Write your article through your personal experiences .. and completely avoid copying any content from any site because this may cost you deleting your account or article from Publish0x platform and confiscating your earnings retroactively!

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