Cointiply.. The best to earn Bitcoin and Dogecoin.. This is my personal experience

Cointiply.. The best to earn Bitcoin and Dogecoin.. This is my personal experience

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 22 Sep 2020

Cointiply..the best and most generous site!

Cointiply one of the best honest sites for winning Bitcoin and Dogecoin... In fact, you do not win one of these two currencies... But you win a site-specific Coins.

Every time you win Coins for the site .. and when you reach the minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw them in Bitcoin or Dogecoin.


Profit method from Cointiply:

The way to profit from Cointiply is very easy .. You have to enter every hour to get your profit from Coins for the site by solving the captcha ... But if you want to raise your profits, be sure to enter every day and use other methods of profit on the site Such as Survey, Games, PTC ads, Offer Walls, Direct Referrals, Promo Code…

You can also install the application for the site on your phone for 500 coins that you get immediately... There are many other ways to increase your profits from the site.



  • Many ways to profit from Cointiply.

  • The freedom to withdraw profits with Bitcoin or Dogecoin (Each currency has a minimum withdrawal limit).

  • It makes a reasonable return for beginners.

  • Registration every day gives you 100% profit after a certain period.

  • It works as an investment container where you get 5% interest when your balance reaches 35,000 Coins without withdrawing it.

  • The number of users reaches 1269579 users… Until now (Time of writing the article).



  • Requires patience at first to make an acceptable profit.

  • If you do not enter a day for the site, you will lose the benefit of doubling the profits and return to start from scratch even if you have reached 100%.

  • Videos do not work in some countries... Especially on computers and laptops ... But it works efficiently in the mobile application.


Other information:

  • Cointiply is honest and pays the profits after reaching the minimum withdrawal. (This is my personal experience).

  • The site enjoys high confidence and credibility on verification sites such as:

     1- Trustpilot

     2- Netcraft

     3- Mywot

     4- Foxyrating

Minimum withdrawal:

  • 50,000 Coins to withdraw Bitcoin.

  • 35,000 Coins to withdraw Dogecoin.

For more information:

Search for ways to earn from a Cointiply site.

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