Cultural changes happening fast: Time to grow food

By dzentrum | Dzentrum_Blog | 26 Mar 2020

The world as we have known it is gone. The shock is still setting in, because it is so huge. We are still in the discovery phase, which will likely last for quite some time. The wave of of the Pandemic is still rising and the economic repercussions have not arrived yet.

Locally things have changed too. It seems like forever Sunday, only food stores and essential businesses are open.

The Social distancing seems strange but it does make sense in the light of things. I do miss my morning coffee in the coffee shop, I have grown to this habbit. It is one of the bigger changes. I dont go out anymore, except for walks and into the garden.

Because I have followed the channel „peak prosperity“ I got myself a big stack of essentials long before the herd started running.  So I can go for quite some time before I have to go out to replenish.

It has become a  daily routine, that I bring the two guinea pigs into the garden for half an hour and watch them eating gras. It is warm enough for this, and it helps my Vitamin D Levels. This calms my nerves, and they are doing what they do all the time. Eating. They are constant feeders, they eat all the time. Nothing has changed in their world.

And I drink two pots of my bullet proof tea every day. I went out on a search for antiviral herbs and have come up with a very tasty concoction.


Recipe for the bullet proof tea:




Chaga Mushroom 



Elderberry sirup

Lime Blossom Tea


And off course I supplement with lots of vitamin D, C and B complex.

I used to drink lots of coffee, aand went always out for my coffee. So I replaced this habbit by two pots of bullet proof tea. I have never  been up so much on vitamins and antivirals my whole life.

On one of my strolls in the night I found this absolutely gorgeous decomissioned greenhouse. It has been out of use for quite some time and was planned to be pulled down. Because of Covid the whole process got halted and now this is my private refuge at night.

In the night time it is full ghosts and alive, I just love it.

So I go there to think with my flask of bullet proof tea to reflect and meditate. If the situation turns to be a long haul I might consider to apply for interim use of the glas house. It would be such a treat to bring it back to life and to start growing food for my local community.

In the meantime this is my secret secret spot, where I go to be for a time out.

Stay healthy and safe


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