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Has the economy unfucked itsself overnight?

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This morning I opened the local newspaper and jumped right to the economic pages, as I do everyday. I only glance at the treasuries, precious metals, commodities to gauge the temperature of the patient. And I stopped unbelieving what I was seeing. Th...

Do some good today, lend a helping hand

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Sometimes it seams to me, that we have forgotten, what we are all here for. There is a common denomminator for all beings on this planet: We have a free will and we want to live. It`s all just different forms of life, all coming from the same energy...

Information about information

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We are living in the age of information. ever before did we have access to so much knowledge about almost everything. We all have an "oracle of delphi" in our pockets, and can ask questions about anything. That way we can tap into the collective geni...

How do You kill the banking industry? With a killer app of course: Celsius Wallet

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You are the owner of Your labour value and right now You are trapped with Your dollars, euros or whatevers in a financial system, where there is a negative yield on Your store of value. Negative interest soon will be introduced to private depositors,...

who needs faxmachines on crack cocaine?

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We have been duped badly. The last century has been one big hoax in so many ways and mostly so for the ordinary people like You and me. Truth was starting to leak out as the internet picked up speed and more and more people began feeding in relevant...

The reinvention of the wheel: Bitcoin

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Every day I tell myself, that this is a special time to be alive, not to be squandered, every moment is precious. What makes this time so special is the rate of change we are expirienceing and the witnessing of the complete and utter failure of most...

Who guards these guardians? Bitcoin

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What is money? This big question is staring us in the face like a big white elephant in the room, standing there, demanding to be answered. Money used to be a Medium of exchange with the capability to store the labour energy, which could be used at a...