Dynamic Weekly #12 Dec 11th

BTC failed to break ATH, and is struggling to hold bullish sentiment. Perhaps this weekend it will turn around. Alts have not fared any better either. 


Value metrics

Slightly lower prices this week than last as with the rest of the market.

Market Cap: $ 8,988,467 ( -$ 340,019)

Price USD: $0.591 (-$0.0227 / -4%)

Price BTC: ₿0.00003262 (-5 sats)

Weekly Volume: $281,772(-$ 81,001)


Supply Metrics

Dynodes online: 3189 (+196) that’s 3,189,000 coins locked away off the market (20.97% of supply). Note- 895 (-63) additional inactive 5.89% of supply. We continue to see strong hands lock their coins away in nodes, 12 straight weeks of node numbers increasing. At this rate we will hit 4000 Active nodes by mid January


Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 46.60%

Average block time: 2min 10s (-2s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 4d 19h 31m 5s (~ +5h 24min)

Dynode ROI: 9.37% / 3895 days

Difficulty: ~5.478 (+0.605)

Average Hashrate: 68.356MH (+7.68MH)


Development metrics

Commits this week: 3 (+0)

Weekly average since I began tracking: 11.2


Community Engagement

Discord Users: 1425 (+5) The Uni bot war continues

Telegram users: 867 (-2)

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~65K and QQ 3354 as of last update from community member Xoleo


Exchange Order Books

There are 334,852 (-30,932) DYN available on open market, Buy support of ₿0.9361 (+₿0.4592).






Livecoin DYN/BTC




Top Stories/News


Preview of the NoID whitepaper from Clayton below.

It was a bit of a slow week so I'll just leave this here and remind you all to spread the word about $DYN, Like, Retweet, tip, clap, etc Thanks.


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