Dynamic 2020 review

Happy New Year everyone and if you are an investor in DYN you have to be happy about this years performance anyone buying DYN in First half of 2020 is safely in profit.   In this Article I will try to summarize the changes over the last year, and take a guess at where things are heading in my opinion.   Also be sure to check out the trading competition on WhiteBit in order to claim your share of 5000 $DYN


Value metrics


First with the Weekly data, (note this is a day early but oh well)

Market Cap: $ 9,916,677 ( -$ 666,534)

Price USD: $0.604 (+$0.056 / +10%)

Price BTC: ₿0.00002125 (-101 sats / -5%)

Weekly Volume: $381,206 (+$ 56,545) (Note trading competition volume is picking up and this is ~1.5days of volume short of a full week)


What did we do in terms of Value this year? Chart courtesy of CMC shows a very decent ~5x on the year against the dollar, and clearly losing some ground with BTC in the last weeks after it continues to post or flirt with new ATH regularly. BTC dominance is also up, ~70.4% at the time of writing.


To me this chart reminds me of very early 2017 where we were sitting around $0.60 for a few months waiting for next big bit of news. Forgive my charting skills but Tradingview doesn't currently support DYN so you get what you get. On the macro scale $0.60 is a level that has been resistance and support going into and coming out of the 2017 run. The next important level will be in the ~$1.25 area. Which I believe we will hit when DYN 2.5 is released if not sooner with other news.



Supply Metrics

Dynodes online: 3237 (-60) that’s 3,237,000 coins locked away off the market (21.25%) of supply). Note- 936 (+60) additional inactive 6.15% of supply. Well technically a drop in active nodes breaks our 14 week streak, but since I'm a day early with this report and the total nodes did not change I'll let next week decide if this streak is over.


Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 47.10%

Average block time: 2min 11s (-4s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 4d 22h 4m 1s (~ -5h 57min)

Dynode ROI: 9.17% / 3980 days

Difficulty: ~6.162 (+0.4148)

Average Hashrate: 67.44MH (-13.98MH)


This Year saw dramatic increases in Hashrate, and difficulty. When 2020 started we were having very irregular blocktimes due to profit switching miners. Those miners in turn just kept dumping DYN keeping the price down. However below you can see that the interest in mining DYN has picked up substantially from single digit MH/s to a consistent 60-80MH/s and the blocktime has been stable within +-4 seconds on average since the end of September. Currently Dynodes average ~$4.52/month in revenue





Development metrics

Nice commitment putting those hours in over the Holidays team.

Commits this week: 23 (-3)

Weekly average since I began tracking: 13.62


This year Duality has accomplished the following in no particular order

  • Dynamic 2.4.4 release
  • BDAP Activated on Mainnet
  • PShare MVP out in the wild
  • Organized community to support folding@home Covid Research
  • SDK development
  • NoID development
  • WhiteBit exchange listing
  • New Draft of whitepaper
  • Received Pre-seed funding from VC's
  • Started Seed round funding search
  • University of Texas Dell Medical School Partnership
  • Dynamic 2.5 development - Assets, Certificates, Audits, Proof of stake in addition to POW
  • 2 additional developers hired


Duality has outlined their long term Vision in a Draft version of their Whitepaper you can find below. 2021 should be an amazing year.


Community Engagement

Discord Users: 1458 (+38)

Telegram users: 847 (-2)

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~70K (+~5K) and QQ 4540 (+1186) as of last update from community member Xoleo

I realize today I should probably also be tracking twitter followers of Duality and Duality Health. Look for that in the new year.


The community has grown substantially this year and Duality couldn't have done it without the marketing efforts of the community. Keep it up. The below graphs show a substantial growth primarily in the Asian market on Wechat/QQ but relatively flat on the rest of the Crypto landscape. All of you long term holders outside of China need to step up your game and get your friends to at least take a look at DYN for their own sake when we pull a 20x in 2021. 

Keep Shilling the influencers, Write your own articles, Tweet, Share, and subscribe.

The Scales were so different for each data set it was best to split them up




Exchange Order Books


Livecoin continues to be down and apparently under the control of the Hackers still. I have not seen any updates from Livecoin on any Crypto news source or Twitter since last week.

There are 330,331 (-40,981) DYN available on open market, Buy support of ₿0.958 (+₿0.475). I'll skip the order book images today, but the order book landscape is similar to what we have seen throughout the year. The vast majority of volume occurs in the USDT pair on WhiteBit, which took the crown from Citex basically since we were listed. The primary Exchange for users outside of China remains STEX, and there is not enough buy orders out there to sustain any real selling pressure which has led to days where large differences in price are observed across exchanges.


If anyone has experience running an arbitration or market maker bot, I think you could probably help the overall landscape quite a bit. I would be interested in helping/supporting.




CMC doesn't show me individual metric details that comprise the total FCAS score but there is a clear uptrend from the yearly low at 384 to a high of 517, Currently sitting at 465 and if it had to guess it looks to be forming a bottom before heading up again. 



Top Stories/News


Take your shot at winning your share of 5000 DYN, WhiteBit trading competition will end on Jan 11th.

If you missed this NoID investor video last week here is a reminder to check it out.



Useful Links/Sources

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Not Financial advice, do your own research. I am not affiliated with Duality Solutions or Duality Health. This is an unpaid article. I am a holder of $DYN

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