Young Platform: Crypto made simple!

Young Platform: Crypto made simple!

By Pelagoman | Dummy coin reviews | 18 Oct 2020

Good day all!
I am here to introduce you a relativelly brand new crypto exchange: Young Platform! What's new with this one? Simple! And this is not just a saying...
"Simple" is the main mantra of this exchange! You can buy and sell crypto with a couple of clicks.




What else?
As the name says this is not only an exchange but a complete platform. Young provides you also a "platform token" (Young token) that permits you to have fee discounts if staked. I am talking of a maximum of 50% fee discounts! 
But that's not all!


Young platform has launched also an Airdrop. You can earn young tokens just installing it's mobile app (Stepdrop---> Link here).
You will earn tokens just for walking and keeping you fit! That's a good reason to take a walk don't you think?


But that's not only an "Airdrop app". With stepdrop you can learn something about the crypto enviorment just partecipating to the "Accademy" section. If you are a newbie in this world, this is the place for you! With little "crypto pills" you will surelly understand something more and orient yourself in this "cryptic" ocean.


If you are a novice in this world, if the crypto world has always fascinated you but you have always thought it was pure black magic .. Young Platform and Stepdrop are the answer! I leave you here everything you need.


Airdrop and Academy App ->

Young Platform Exchange ->


Dummy coin reviews
Dummy coin reviews

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