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Young Platform: Crypto made simple!

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read 6 comments Pelagoman

Good day all!I am here to introduce you a relativelly brand new crypto exchange: Young Platform! What's new with this one? Simple! And this is not just a saying..."Simple" is the main mantra of this exchange! You can buy and sell crypto with a couple...


Young Platform: Crypto made simple!

18 Oct 2020 Pelagoman

18 October 2020
Thanks a lot for your comment and conratulations. I really appreciate it!

Young Platform: Crypto made simple!

18 Oct 2020 Pelagoman

18 October 2020
Hi Sazzu. Thanks for you comment. With Stepdrop you will earn Young Tokens just for walking. Not gaming. You will earn Young Tokens completing missions (Walking for a total of steps, completing quiz...)

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