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By thompsonite | Dualmine Diary | 29 Jan 2020

  Hello and welcome to my first post of Dualmine Diary.  This blog will be about my first experience with cloud mining through  I am not affliliated with Dualmine.  I am not a financial advisor.  I have never done any cloud mining but then last week I decided to try it out.  I chose Dualmine because they seem to have the best price for hashes and they have a 6x promotion at the time I signed up.  They also provide a lot of proofs showing payouts.  They don't have any maintenance fees either.  I first came across Dualmine from The Joker's post here on publish0x.  He is also making a diary about his experiences with Dualmine and I think they are positive so far.  If you are interested in Dualmine, follow him and me to help you make your decision.

  When I first decided to invest, I decided to invest in bitcoin and it will be the smallest amount of hashing power I could buy.  In the picture below, the first order is the lowest amount you can buy which costs 0.00100003 bitcoin or ~ $8.  When I tried to pay for the order, I made a mistake of sending less than 0.00100003 bitcoin.  I immediately opened a ticket to tell their support what happened.  After 6 hours, they responded and asked for the transaction ID.  I gave it to them and 40 minutes later they activated 6 orders (6x promotion) of hashing power equivalent to the amount that I accidentally paid.  As seen in the picture below, orders #2 through #7 have less hashing power.




The picture above is just the conversation I had with support.  I blacked out my name and transaction ID.  

  A few days later I decided that $8 wasn't enough money to invest.  According to Dualmine's profit calculator, I would only make $43 after two years.  So I decided to add ~ $192 more to make it $200 total.  While trying to pay for the new order, I made ANOTHER mistake but this time I sent a too much bitcoin.  And again I opened up another support ticket with the transaction ID to save time and they activated 6 orders with hashing power equivalent to what I paid.  I can definitely vouch that their support team exists and is responsive.  

  Dualmine also provides you with estimated profits.  According to the pic below, I will make my return of investment somewhere between 5 to 6 months.  We will see how accurate this is.


As seen below, I have 13,308 GH/s hashing power for bitcoin with the ~ $200 I spent


If you do decide to try Dualmine, please use my referral link it would help me out a lot! Thank you!

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Dualmine Diary
Dualmine Diary

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