XRC-Swap AMM Pool Demo

XRC-Swap AMM Pool Demo

By Dspyt | Dspyt Yield farming | 19 Mar 2023

XRC Swap is built on a combination of Solidity smart contracts and a React Framework Nextjs. This allows users to access liquidity and trade tokens securely in a private environment. The smart contracts handle the exchange of tokens, while Nextjs provides a decentralized application to an end user. This ensures that users can access liquidity and trade tokens in a secure and transparent manner.

We are very excited to bring XRC Swap to the XDC Mainnet, and look forward to seeing how it will be used by the community. We believe that XRC Swap will provide users with more options for trading tokens, as well as providing liquidity to other projects and protocols. With XRC Swap, users can now access liquidity and trade tokens in a secure and transparent manner.


Important Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/_TradeCoin_

Website: http://xrcswap.com/

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Pfed-prog/XRC-Swap

About Dspyt Channel: We are Data Science with Python

DAO Homepage: https://dspyt.com

GitHub DAO Page: https://github.com/dspytdao

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Dspyt Yield farming
Dspyt Yield farming

Yield farming - staking or lending crypto assets in order to generate high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

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