What Does it Really Mean to Awaken the Giant Within?

By shashi kumar | DSK | 8 Aug 2019

Hello, dear friends!

Most people attribute the expression of awakening the giant within to Anthony Robbins, the much-acclaimed and successful author of books like Unlimited Power and Giant Steps.

The whole idea of awakening the beast within is about reaching a level of seriousness towards life that pushes you to do things that you otherwise would not; difficult efforts and exhausting endeavors that will change your destiny and realize your dreams.

But what does it truly mean to awaken the giant within?

The moment you decide to awaken the giant within is the moment you decide to do all those things that you have postponed for so long that you cannot even remember how they were first conceived in your mind.

But awakening the giant within is not as simple as reading these words.


There are two principles when it comes to awakening that giant:

First, there should be no compromises. Second, there should be no hesitations.

The continuum of life is a flexible beast that will have you make many compromises along the way.

Sometimes, you don’t get what you want. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of something greater than yourself or someone dear to you.

Sometimes, you have to make the right decision and that means you are going to have to make some compromises in other aspects of your life.

But when you awaken the giant within, you will make no compromises when it comes to your main goal and purpose.

As inevitable as making compromises might seem, we should try to reduce the number of compromises we make when it comes to our dreams and our ultimate goal.


Then comes the idea of hesitation. If you take a look at our lives, we hesitate so often at doing the things we want or the things that we ought to be doing.

Why? Perhaps we are afraid. Perhaps we feel like we lack the competence necessary to do something.

Perhaps… we are scared of the possibilities and the changes that could occur in our life if we did that particular thing that has been on our mind.

When you decide to awaken the giant within, there is no room for hesitation anymore. If there is something to do, you will get it done, no matter what occurs.

If it is something right, if it seems and feels reasonable and true to your heart, you will do it. No matter how much your insecurities pressure you into submission, you will get the job done…

You will not hesitate!

It is not so difficult to decide to awaken the giant within, but to keep that giant fed with ambition and willpower takes a lot of effort and determination.

In case that you DECIDE to do that, remember the two principles.

Because from then on, there will be no room for compromises or hesitations!

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shashi kumar
shashi kumar

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