Is it too late to jump into the Animal Farm?.... Absolutely NOT!

One of the biggest events in Defi Yield Farming occurred last Thursday February 3rd..... and it was a SMASHING success (albeit with a few antibot bumps and bruises in the first few hours). The highly acclaimed Dev, Forex Shark, who turned crypto inside out with the Drip community in 2021 did it again with the launch of his layer 1 project the Manor Farm in January that just completed the animal rise up and revolution to the Animal Farm on February 3rd.

He has a lot of fun playing off of the story of the farm animals ( or every day people in our case) rising up and taking over the running (and profits) of the farm, with the Pigs representing the bosses or governance and the Dogs representing the workers.  So now in the newly launched farm you have Pig tokens (staked in the Pig Pen) earning a daily BUSD yield, and Dog tokens (single stakes or paired in a number of configurations) to earn Pig tokens.  There are also other pairing throughout the farm that yield Dog tokens.

The general idea of the Animal Farm is that large Defi trading sites such as Uniswap make a TON of money in fees from the transactions that occur on them.  None of these fees currently go to us, the users.  As Pig token holders and therefore owners of the Animal Farm, we get a piece of all of the action that occurs on the platform.  Much like shareholders in a traditional company.  And like shareholder, we get a vote in future decisions and proposals put forth to the platform for consideration Proportional to the amount of Pig tokens you hold).

This is a super exciting change to the way yield farming platforms operate and is a massive upgrade in the utility of the Drip ecosystem.  Drip's functionality is as one of the pairs that earns Pigs (Drip/BUSD) and also in the Garden.  The Garden is a separate contract nested within the Animal Farm that operates much like the Drip Faucet (nearly identical except that it is a 3% daily yield), where you initial investment is locked and you are able to harvest or replant your seeds/dividends.  It is an often overlooked and underappreciated element of the Farm but (in my humble opinion) is one of the most powerful and exciting aspects.  I have put a lot of energy and focus here and will continue to do so as I am a huge fan of this type of game/investing theory.

Forex has lots of future roadmap planned for the ecosystem including A-list NFT collaborations and gaming partnerships with BetFury just to name a few.  The time to get involved is now.  If you haven't jumped aboard yet, please follow my link and join the Revolution!

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DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive
DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive

I read a post a few weeks back about the DRIP Faucet and was intrigued.... skeptical but intrigued. Passive, long term income based off of a modest up front investment? That sounds like investment nirvana, right? Well it is, but it is made possible by the most powerful force in the universe, compounded interest coupled with time. And then along came the Manor Farm and turned it all on its head. Now DRIP has utility and liquidity pools galore! Tune in to learn more as I explore them both.

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